30 things to do before I turn 30

I have made a commitment to myself to make a list of things that i have always wanted to do but never had a chance to because of many reasons. I have two years till i make it to the big 3 0. This is my list:

  1. Set a reading goal

road trip

2.  Go on a road trip

3. Start a collection

4. Overcome if not all, most of my fears.

5. Attend a multi-day/ weekend music festival

6. Stop holding grudges

7. Travel somewhere new

8. Learn a new language


9. Join a club – for example running or book, etc

10. Treat myself to something really expensive

11. Participate in a marathon

12. Forgive – myself for mistakes and others too

13. Pay it forward  – help someone i do not even know without being asked

14. Pick a cause and be passionate about it

15. Read a life changing book or watch a life changing movie

16. Stop FAD diets – embrace who I am and love my body the way it is

17. Be happy being single

18. Own a dog


19. Get a tattoo or new piercing

20. Join a yoga class

21. Redecorate my apartment

22. Reinvent myself to be who i actually want to be

23. Establish a personal development plan

24. Go on a cruise

25. Attend a cooking class

26. Take a hobby that will challenge me to step out of my comfort zone

27. Get my finances in order

28. Visit as many countries as possible

29. Attend a full moon party in Thailand

30. Fail and try again

This must be fun…


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