20 things I have learnt in my life so far

sun rising on a winter morning

Today i have decided to outline all the lessons that i have learnt from life so far. I am 28 and i can not say i am old enough to learn all there is about life but no one can say that they have. We can all agree that life is full of surprises but some things never change though. One of the best things about this life is the I within all of us. Here are some of the lessons hope they help some of you: –

  1. Life is precious, beautiful and we are blessed to be alive.
  2. You are more than enough, capable and strong to handle anything that comes your way.
  3. You are what you say you are, what others think of you is none of your business.
  4. You can never fail as long you keep trying, you will make it.
  5. You are powerful more than you can imagine.
  6. You have endless opportunities. Sometimes we just do not think far ahead and we don’t see the opportunities but they are there.
  7. Struggle is a mindset, all you need is to adjust your mindset and you do not have to struggle anymore.
  8. Happiness comes from within and not from objects. being rich does not make one happy but neither does being poor Because happiness comes from within and not outside.
  9. You have all you need within your reach to fulfil your purpose in life. If you look around you will see that you are able to get where you are supposed to using resources around you. Everything else you need will fall into place as you go.
  10. Always choose freedom, happiness, and love above all.
  11. You are the master of your body and it should submit to you.
  12. You should always show up and run the show that is your life. Do not allow other people to run your show.
  13. Renew your mind every morning, old things are just that, old and rotten, the future lies ahead filled with promises of brighter days to come.
  14. Always remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, we all regret not living in the moment more than anything else.
  15. Money is an energy that can flow in and out of your life easily.
  16. Your thoughts generate attitude, which create language, which becomes action and forms a lifestyle. Be careful of your thoughts.
  17. Guard your heart and mind in a fiercely protective or possessive way. Take good care of yourself always.
  18. Run away from negative energies and always embrace positivity.
  19. Always remember that you are a soul, immortal and everlasting. The body is just a costume that dies and fades away. Take good care of yourself (Soul) and you will live a fulfilling life here on earth.
  20. Always be connected to the source of Life and you will always know peace and everlasting joy.


–  Stay an overcomer and be blessed.

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