2018 Resolutions 

I am ready for ya…bring it on

Okay i remember saying i will not have any resolutions but then i went to work n my boss could not stop talking about this year mottos n stuff n man i got inspired.

So i really hope i will remember this by the end of the year and do my check list. I have a list from my previous article 30 before 30 so imma do some of those things this year as i am running out of time and i still got a long way to go.

So here we go: –

1.  Have more fun than last year

2. Sleep, sleep and sleep, i mean take a nap whenever i can

3. Travel as much as possible in the 365 days i have available

4. Keep a positive attitude in all things

5. Love myself even more than i already do

6. Make a difference

7. Always refer to resolution number 1 and enjoy the gift of life

I hope it is going to be a wonderful year for me and all of you. Happy new year!!!

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