Dear future child

So If you are reading this i know by now you are able to understand the internet, smh who am i kidding, you probably understood the internet before u even turned two. But honestly im thankful that wordpress is not yet broke or fazed out of the market by new technologies. Because that is probably the only reason why this article still exist. I hope i am alive to read this with you.

I am writing this to you on a summer evening of the 8th of January 2018. Its raining outside and its very hot here in Maputo . I just wanted to know how u doing.I am interested in knowing everything that you do, not because I like snooping around but i genuinely care a lot about you. I am your biggest fan and do not be afraid you can never disappoint me, my love for you is just too much. I hope you will not shut me out.

In my short life i have learnt that communication is key. In all things if people communicate then all will be understood and pain can in some cases be avoided. Growing up i felt misunderstood a lot. I have always wanted to be rebellious and i just ended up closing everyone out and putting myself in a corner resulting in being bitter and antisocial.

Promise me that you will communicate well with me or your guardians. I do not believe actions speaks louder than words. Words are meant to explain things. Communicate well with others. If you feel unfairly treated raise your concerns in a civil manner and do not feel like people hate you. Its harmful to only yourself as everyone will continue to live their lives with or without you.

I pray to God that you will not lose me at a young age and that i am able to provide you with a better life and good things to equip you for this journey that is ever changing. I swear i am trying to keep up but this world is evolving very fast.

One more thing, FAMILY is important. Yes blood is thicker than water. Its true, no man is an island. You will need all your cousins, aunts,uncles, nieces and nephews, grandparents and great grandparents. Keep in touch with them. Allow them to make you feel better and be there for them too. Some times life get hard for all of us, but it gets better when you know you got family watching your back, their love is unconditional and i know i was born in the best family in the planet. You can always count on them.

In the following years i will be writing to you addressing all the issues that concerns me and i believe that we going to learn so much from these letters together. I hope my letters do not get outdated. I swear times are changing.

PS: Did One Direction get back together yet? They went on a hiatus back when i had just became a fan. Anyways hope BTS never separated because man i love their music. You should check them out. Like a blast from the past for mommy’s sake.

Love you to the moon and back.

Love mum.đŸ˜™đŸ˜™

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