My 2018 destination number 1 – Graskop

So i made a vow that 2018 is the year i am going to make things happen and no longer watch on the sidelines. I am so grateful to God for making my 2018 beautiful so far.

On the 3rd of march 2018 i went to the forestry capital of south africa. The mpumalanga province in the town of Sabie. There is a place called Graskop that is filled with majestic falls, views and mountains. I do not even have words to describe this. Below are some few pictures i took with my phone. I think i’m going to buy a camera this year most definitely.

In Graskop there is a lift company that takes you down into the gorge and you can take a walk in the valley and see different flora and fauna. The view of the falls is magical from the bottom looking up as well.

photo credits – taken by Derrick the tour operator. Graskop lift company Mpumalanga.






The biggest mushroom that i have ever seen my entire life


Graskop falls – 2018

20180303_17093150788240.jpg  The lift moved so slow and you won’t even feel it going down and it was just so magical.


The whole area has wooden paths that scared me but they were just strong and new. I was scared to fall only to realise that it was for nothing ha ha ha





and of course there are guidelines for living in the forest – graskop lift company
the last place i was before going back. I did not want  to go home its beautiful to spend time with nature.

And then we had to move on to the potholes and the canyon, God’s window and the pinnacle. All about it in the next article.


Let 2018 come alive and BE happy, when the new year comes looking back won’t be so difficult.

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