Dear future child pt 2 – music

I trust that you are doing well. I, at the time of writing this letter I am happy. God has been kind to me in a lot of ways and i am grateful.

This is the year 2018 and this is the 3rd month, the weather in Mozambique is quite good. These past weeks I have discovered that music plays a big role in life. No matter what you are dealing with there is a song for every mood. I have come to enjoy songs from all kinds of genre, i am not sure which one is my all time favourite. I have been obsessed with a lot of songs in my time. They save as my hideout. Especially when i need to hide emotionally.

I feel the music more than listening to it. The lyrics are however are becoming less and less appealing, some artists just record for fun while others record and sing of their experiences and to encourage others. I hope you will get to feel the music, feel the emotion relayed by the artist, feeling changes lives more than just listening.

Here is my top 10 for this month:

Praying – Kesha

This song is deep, it talks about forgiveness. This is difficult but i guess we can always find strength from God to forgive and forget. The strength is needed everyday too.

Rise up – Andra Day

I love this one because no matter what I go through i will rise up and shine. Just one day…

Sia – Angel By The Wings

As the song says, you can do anything just find courage, grab the angel by the wings and go for it.

Hall of fame – The script

I hope to be in the hall of fame one day. But I guess i just need to believe in myself and be the best version of myself, the master self fighting and being true to who i am and one day i will find myself there.

Dai hupenyu hwaitengwa – Soul jah love

This reminds me of my mum. I wish I could have gotten to know her. I wish i had ever felt her love. Honestly i feel jealous when every one around me talks about what their mum did for them or how she fought for them, or how she encouraged and never lost hope that they will do well. It’s good for them, i just can’t relate.

Jessi – My Romeo

Ow I do not even know how i love this song. But it’s a OST of this series i watched last month and it stuck to me. I love it. It’s a korean song and i am now a big fan of Jessi.

Imagine Dragons – Demons

I could write a book about this song but i guess the lyrics speaks for themselves. It’s a deep song and is dear to me. I love how the artist portrayed everything in this song. I just love it.

The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar – Pray For Me

I don’t even know why I love this song yet. Something about it speaks to me, i just haven’t figured it out.

Sia – Elastic Heart

The lyrics are amazing, I just can’t stress this enough. I have thick skin and i can stretch n stretch till you pull too hard, may be then i can snap. Patience is a virtue

Your love never fails – Jesus Culture

God has always been with me. He is my rock, my everything. His love is never-failing and is everlasting. I remember one time in 2015, I heard God saying to me in my heart that no matter what, I got you. I will always love you. I remember feeling that no matter where i go He is with me cos His love never fails. This is my jam.

Hope you will find comfort in these songs no matter how old they become, I love them who knows maybe tomorrow I will find new songs that make me fall in love with them as well.

Always remember that no one can take away your hope, they can take everything from you, your love, your heart, your confidence and everything else but as long as there is still hope inside of you, You will make it, you will rise again.

Just keep on hoping and you will do alright.

That’s all for today.

I love you always and forever…

love mom.

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