To my Parents with love

Today i have been reflecting back to my past, I see so much pain, loss and grief but i also have seen so much joy, relief and love, so much love. This is because there are people who stood by me and took care of me with everything they had. They took great care of my well-being and for that im forever grateful.

Looking at the world today life is not easy, relationships are hard and family despise other family members. It could not have been easy in a failing economy to take in orphans and make them yours, feed them and clothe them. Sending them to school and even university with all the money involved never wavering in any responsibility. With all our sicknesses, mischievous deeds and teenage moody behaviours still they never gave up on us like their own.

Today I’m feeling thankful, all that I am is a product of their being faithful and hard work. I will never forget them and i will always love them. For that today i feel blessed and privileged to have been born in such a family and strongly believe that I am part of something bigger than myself. They say Charity begins at home and sure they lived by that motto, still do and i believe they remain so forever.

May God bless them, may God cater to their needs, may God keep and protect them and always shower love their way till kingdom come.

Im listening to my favourite artist and im reminded that i need to give thanks to those that deserve to be thanked. The link is below if you want to listen to the song.

Vanofanira kutendwa ngavatendwe 



Thank You word cloud, business concept

Thank you once again Mum and Dad…

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