My top 10 korean drama list

What’s wrong with secretary kim? Office romance? You would want to try it. This is definitely my most loved one , Park Seo Joon outdid himself on this one. I mean i have watched most of his movies and he is a freaking talented man. I’m so eagerly waiting for his next project. Secretary Kim was […]

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Dear future Child

Journey of life. Hey dear, I trust that all is well with you. I love you and i hope no one can convince you otherwise. You are beautiful inside out and you can do anything you set your mind on. Your dreams are achievable, God will not place something inside of you unless its going […]

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Dear Cecilia

Hi there little one. I call you little one because since the last time i saw you in 2003 when you were 7 i imagine that is how u still look like. Do you continue to grow even when u gone to the other side? hmm i don’t know. I remember on the 7th of september […]

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