Dear Cecilia

Cecilia and Sharon 2002 - Masvingo
Cecilia and Sharon 2002 – Masvingo

Hi there little one.

I call you little one because since the last time i saw you in 2003 when you were 7 i imagine that is how u still look like. Do you continue to grow even when u gone to the other side? hmm i don’t know.

I remember on the 7th of september 2003, I was in Bikita and I was having an awful day. It started with the strange dream and the day went down south from the moment I woke up. When I heard the news that you had passed on I could not believe it. I did not think you would pass on that early. I had dreams of us conquering the world. You and I were supposed to be a great team. I wanted to be there for you all the way. I wanted us to be travel buddies, leave the rural areas and make something of our lives.

Even though I was young I thought we would one day do something great just you and i. Make new traditions and raise our families together. But then death took you away from me. Death shattered my dreams as well. It makes me cry to just think about you.

What a strong and powerful woman you would have been now. Turning 23 this year, probably with your first honors degree graduating first class. I believe you would have made a good lawyer or doctor or some successful business woman changing the world. You were so intelligent and could stand your ground even at that early age. Our family was just ill-fated.

You fought a good fight my love, you were sick for a long time and no one deserves the pain you went through. I was pained when you left but I thanked God for allowing you to finally rest. I believe you are now in a better place and I believe you looking down on us smiling and I hope you continue to do so till we meet again.


I miss you my sister, I feel that God put you on this earth and took you from us too soon. I loved every single moment that we have spent together no matter how short those seven years were I will always remember you and I deeply love you and will do so till we meet again.

I think we would have loved the same music type and fashion styles. I would like to dedicate you this song. From my favourite artists and i hope you smile while you dance to this and remember your sister loves you.

Just one day – BTS

Just one day, if I can be with you

Just one day, if I can hold your hands

Just one day, if I can be with you

Just one day (just one day)

If only we can be together

Love sis Sharo . . . .

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