Dear future Child

Journey of life.

Hey dear,

I trust that all is well with you. I love you and i hope no one can convince you otherwise. You are beautiful inside out and you can do anything you set your mind on.

Your dreams are achievable, God will not place something inside of you unless its going to manifest.The fire that is burning inside of you it’s not possible to let it be without action. Please let your fire burn and show your passion, live a fulfilling life. Do not let anyone tell you that your dreams are too big and that you can not achieve anything. Never stop running. Its better to try and fail than to never try at all.

Always remember that life is more fulfilling when you living your dream however small or big it’s up to you. Dont worry if your dream is too small per other people’s standards. Who cares? Just dream according to your capacity and enjoy your life. if you want the white house or if you want to be a housewife or a farmer, whatever- go for it. You only live once and i think once is already enough.


I am of the view that if you have a dream you should work hard. The universe always make things work together for your own good. How do you expect to get somewhere without taking any steps. Everything you need for your journey you will find on your way. All you need to do is to start on this journey.

In life you will meet people placed on every part of your journey. Some of them are going to stay with you for a longtime and some will be there only for a season. Some will betray you but do not lose hope, your steps are numbered and ordered by the Lord. Sometimes you will need to experience these hardships so that you can learn from your mistakes and so that you are able to have good judgment.

You will meet people who are like angels along the way too, these people will be there so you can benefit from them more than you are giving and before you know it they will disappear before you can even show your gratitude. I have learnt that when this happens you will need to keep going don’t try to raise the dead. Do good to others as you also have received goodness from other people. Some of the people you will meet will try to benefit from you more than they are giving, that’s alright too. Dont stress its a circle of life.

Be nice to everyone you going to meet going up or going down. It pays to be a kindhearted person. The world needs more kind people and you never know whose life you will change from being kind. It’s always rewarding to have a positive impact on other people as it always comes back to you. Yes I believe in karma. I belive you get as much as you give in general. If you put in hate and pain before you drop from this journey you will reap exactly hate and pain. So be kind and you will reap kindness and love.

Also know when to hang in the boots. In this journey we are fortunate enough to pursue anything. I hope in this journey you will run the race to your heart’s content. I hope you wont get weary and that you will fly high like an eagle. I hope that when the time to let go come that you will not keep holding on to stuff that have expired. That when its time to hang the boots you will do so with a smile and take all the memories and move on happily. I hope you give it your all when it’s not too late such that when the time to let go comes you won’t have any regrets.

Speaking about letting go. Dont be so hung up on past relationships, be it friendships, family, live or social. This will just corrupt your view on life. This usually breeds bitterness and that is the worst. I have realised and learnt from years of holding on to hurt and bitterness that its difficult to enjoy life when you are bitter. Bitterness is like a virus or maybe like a bacteria. It eats you up and corrupts everything however good and genuine. Learn to let go and be positive and believe the best is here and is not going anywhere. Even more is yet to come, because that’s the truth. Positivity brings more blessings and more life filled with less diseases.

If you understand that, just like being in a bus or train going somewhere at every station some people will drop out and others hop in as and when they reach their destination, and that no matter what is not something that is within your control. You will understand how the world works and how death is something that we can not control and something that is definite too.

Enjoy the times spent together, hold onto the memories and lessons learnt and move on when the time comes. We all going somewhere and once we reach our destination we will drop out of the race or bus or train and you will have to go on till your time comes too.

All im trying to say today love is that, give it your all my baby. Whether its work, love, dreams, family, relationships, school or anything else that you do. Be sure to give it your all. Be sure to enjoy life to the maximum. Be sure to travel as much as you want to, be sure to reach for the stars if you want to or the clouds u never know which will bring you rain. Do it all such that on your deathbed you won’t be filled with regrets, pain and tears.

Let go when its time and be happy cos I want you to always be happy and smile always…Love yourself and you will be confident to go on with this journey….

I want you to listen to this song, it motivated me, when no one believed in me. I had to grow a backbone and start believing in myself and I feel like this song say what i can’t describe…

This is me – The Greatest Showman Soundtrack


Till next time…

I love you to the moon and back….

Love mum


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