My top 10 korean drama list

  1. What’s wrong with secretary kim?


Office romance? You would want to try it. This is definitely my most loved one , Park Seo Joon outdid himself on this one. I mean i have watched most of his movies and he is a freaking talented man. I’m so eagerly waiting for his next project. Secretary Kim was also great she is def one of the best heroines out there. They were a cute pair from the beginning of the series to the last episode. It was worth all my time and definitely a re watch. I am now obviously suffering from the blockbuster curse… if you have watched this you know what i mean…

2. Cinderella and the four knights.


This series was really the series that brought deep into Kpop. I used to like only BTS and didn’t think i could enjoy anything else from South Korea. I had even tried to like EXO but had failed miserably. Then Jessi sang My Romeo, then Btob, ZIA, Younha and I was mesmerized. This series has the best soundtrack ever. I became hooked and ever since then soundtracks are my favorite and i still have these in my phone playlists. The story was good too. The knights were alright nothing outstanding but still i had fun. They made the story fun and the girl was the most outstanding and i loved her so much. 

3. Strong Woman do Bong Soon

This was a comedy that destroyed my lungs. I had never laughed so hard in my life. I don’t like story lines where people are killed or kidnapped but they made me want to re watch this because that girl Park Bo Young os freaking amazing. This series introduced Park Hyungsik to me as well. Their chemistry was on point and man I fell in love and repeated the clips on YouTube and even came back to Netflix for more.


It’s definitely One of the best movies out there. I loved the cute interactions between Bong-soon and Minhyuk and even Kook Doo. My favourite and most memorable part was the Juliet and Romeo scene hahaha, it was the best scene. Even the part when she first called him Min min in person Ep 15…. okay i need to stop gushing

4. Boys over flowers

boys of

I remember clearly how i started this series. I was in my final year at college. Someone recommended me and i bought a disc in town for part A which was only episodes 1 to 7. I remember watching them nonstop that evening and couldn’t stop until daybreak. I immediately went to town to get the rest of the series and it was a mission to find it. I remember watching these episodes twice until i found the remaining parts of the series. I loved this series a lot that i think since 2011 i have watched this series about 10 times. I had watched my lovely samsoon and loved it but boys over flowers was the one that initiated me into this industry and i never enjoyed anything else after that. All i did was watch K-dramas since then. The story is so good and the actors are amazing too. I became a big fan of Lee min ho since then to this day. I eagerly wait for him to come back from the army in a few months. I hope he is going to give us a blockbuster that’s gon change us forever. ( a girl can dream… right?)

5. Healer.

Then enter Ji Chang-wook.


Well i fell in love with him first before i loved the story. I did not enjoy the first 2 to 3 episodes. Tbh i didn’t even like the female lead at all. I kept going because i was enjoying his face and i was already starved from miss Lee Min Ho so i enjoyed the eye candy. Then the story got to me and i became hooked in the story line and then everyone started to make sense. This is one of my favorite stories from drama. I mean my man was the best actor and i became a big fan from this but even so the story was so good. i don’t think i can tolerate such behavior in real life though but i found it cute how all of their stolen moments they would hook up and he would watch her from a distance. awwww… Definitely a re watch.

6. My love from the star

my love fts

I have watched this drama 3 times already. the alien and the celebrity definitely a catchy story. I enjoyed the story and i became a big fan of Jun Ji Hyun. Omg my girl was a sight to behold. She was outstanding and i was hooked. I mean kim so hyun was good too, esp when he got sick from a kiss omg, he is good but im not his fan still i loved him from this series. He was so good. But i wanted to watch more of Jun ji hyun this. Hence my next review.

7. Legend of the blue sea


So im a big fan of the two leads in this drama. They killed it. Their chemistry was on point. The story lines managed to even change my view on reincarnation for a minute or two. Excuse me im a Christian and i believe in life after death but well what can i say i was so into this drama, such that Jun Ji Hyun and I were the same person, I loved everything she did, i cried with her, i swam with her to Seoul too hahaha. I mean we were all in love with the male lead right and we blended well till the last episode. I really need a season two or something. I did not want it to end. I really could live in this legend forever. I mean when Lee min ho comes back from the army he should top this and give us a 50 episode something. He never get boring, we will support him till the last episode… I’m doing it again…ok imma stop fan-girling

8. Hwarang.

I hate historicals. I really do. So when i was watching these dramas and when i first became Park Hyungsik’s fan i realized he had acted in Hwarang Then i became a fan of Park Seo Joon and i realized the same thing as i was watching all his dramas. Then because im a big BTS fan i knew Tae tae was in the drama too so i was just like how bad can it be. At least Taehyung can make me laugh let me try it. So i gave it a go.


I mean i was disappointed at first because the first 2 or 3 episodes were not convincing to me. I hated the story. I googled the actual story and decided to still continue. I had fun from episode 3 going forward. I was mesmerized by how good the actors were and i discovered Shinee through Minho, i became his fan from that. I even liked all the other guys too. Go Ara was spectacular too being the only woman in the Hwarang may not have been easy but she nailed it. It was a good story and I enjoyed myself. I would watch it again. I just have not yet.

9. Scarlet heart Ryeo


After Hwarang i did not watch any historicals till i stumbled upon scarlet heart. I did not watch because i knew the actors, No. I thought if all the actors were princes who fell in love with a girl mmmm wouldn’t that make a good story. So i reread the story and studied a lil bit of their history and i fell in love without even the knowledge of the actors and any leads. I love this series i have it with me and i sometimes repeat episodes.

The soundtrack was amazing. I loved the song”will be back ” by Im Sunhae and Forgetting you by Davichi. Definitely one of the best soundtracks out there. So i discovered Baekhyun was in this drama when i started watching it, i knew him but wasn’t so much into him but i fell in love with how childish and funny he was in this series. I also became a new fan of Jiso (of course i knew him from bong soon but this drama convinced me to like him so much) and Nam Joo-hyuk (went on to watch school 2015 because of him). Lee Joong ki and Kang Ha Neul characters were my favorites and i shipped them with IU’s character and i was not decided even until the end who i wanted her to end up with either.

The princes were so handsome and individual characters. I wanted all of them to be falling for me and fighting for me instead. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride but i had fun in all. The death scenes were carefully executed to the extent that you will feel like you were present when it happened. I also learnt a lot about Goryeo history and modern South Korea and beauty products. I really really recommend this drama even tho it is a historical.

The longest review omg … I must really really love this drama.

10. Suspicious partner

suspicious part

Honestly the story was convincing when i read it up online. I watched shopaholic Louie before and i knew the female lead was acting this too and me being a fan of JCW so i decided to give them a benefit of the doubt. Between two leads and given how much i like them and their chemistry im still undecided as to who did it better but all i know is they both delivered an amazing performance and i was in love throughout the series. I became afraid of looking out the windows at night for a while though hahaha. This story was so catching and i was absorbed in it and i wanted to know what’s gonna happen and stuff like that. I loved it.

Honorable mentions

The heirs, City hunter, She was pretty, My love Eun dong, Fated to love you, I need romance installment series(1-3), Shopaholic Louie and Oh my Venus.

You can never be disappointed with Kdramas, just find your genre and you good. I love romance, sweet so-sweet-such-that-yo-teeth-can-get-rotten-from the sweetness romance. I’m a hopeless romantic and i like cheese, so cheesy stuff is my muse.

Ha ha ha im sure you get the point. I hate action but if the story involves cheesy stuff then i don’t mind the fighting I’m game.

If you have recommendations please comment below and i will be sure to check out the dramas.

Till next time,

Happy viewing…


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