Soundtracks to my life

The road to 30 has been an interesting one and very long. I would like to thank God for allowing me to see yet another decade. Today i count down the last two weeks of my 20s getting to 30. I am so excited and emotional at the same time. My mother died at 24, a young wife with two kids and another one on the way. I always prayed to outlive the age of my mother. As i turn 30 I’m grateful for the gift of life, love and happiness.

So as i reflect on my journey so far i have realised that i enjoy to do a lot of things and i have a lot of stuff that have defined me over the years and carried me through in good and bad times. Music is one thing that stuck by me. Music never changed having an impact on me. On rainy days i listen to ballads and slow music, on very hot days then i have bass-boosted EDM and pop songs.When i miss people i listen to Zimbabwean songs a lot. I have travelled all over the world through music. I have listened and loved latin american songs, north american, european, asian and other african songs besides Zimbabwean music. Music travels borders and transcends any language.

I love some thai songs, korean, indian, spanish, swahili, shona, zulu, shangana, portuguese and english songs. I however only speak three languages only. Here is the list of the songs that took care of me over the years, songs that i kept in my playlist, songs that have a special meaning to me and songs that i will grow old with. Songs that have a special place in my heart.

One song that reminds me of my late father is Shedia – by Aleck Macheso here

He loved this song a lot and i really remember us jamming to Macheso or Oliver Mtukudzi. The other song was Bvuma Wasakara by Oliver Mtukudzi. Back in the day we had lots of fun.

Songs that could be soundtracks to my life could be as follows – (with no specific meaning, im just so in love with all of these)

Elastic heart – SIA

Bird set free – SIA

Makanaka Jesu – Michael Mahendere



Jesu Wangu Akanaka – Reformed Church

Love Myself – Answer – BTS – Bangtan boys

Mapisarema – Mahendere Brothers

Believer – Imagine Dragons

Your love never fails – Jesus Culture

I never get tired of these and i get emotional and sentimental when listening to these songs. I wonder my 30s will be like. These are songs for my youth and i hope the 30s are filled with more beautiful music that colours my life beautifully.

Until next time

I Love you till then


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