To my siblings

Dear My Siblings

We might be siblings by birth or by fate, but today i wanted to appreciate you. I would like to thank you so much for your contributions in my life. You played major roles directly and indirectly. My story is incomplete without mentioning everyone of you. My story will never be remembered without you in it. I am so grateful that you were born in this life and took on these roles and i would never trade you for anything or anyone else.

I might not talk to you guys everyday, i might be distant at times but i think of you all the time. I talk about you with pride in my eyes… i strongly believe i got the best family in the world. I pray for you that you may continue to find joy and that favor finds you in every little thing that you do and wherever you go.

I remember growing up you all took turns to be my role models. You shaped my way of thinking, you defined my way of life, you set standards where i never knew i needed them. My firsts were mostly with you, sponsored or taught.

I tasted wine for the first time with you, my first favorite wine was with you as well as my first taste of steers chips…ooo even my first piece of pizza, my first flight was sponsored by you and you sponsored my first math favourable result as well as my first colcom pork pie combination with cascade😂. You may laugh but it’s my favorite pie to date. I will never forget that experience nor the rest of these experiences. You also sponsored my first trip to the USA.

Growing up until now i have always wanted to become like my sisters, i have always felt safe knowing i have two older brothers who have my back. I was right, throughout college you stood by me. I was fed and clothed because i had you guys. You did not have to do it but you did everything because we are family. I m so grateful to be born in such a family.

May the good Lord bless you all and your families. May you never lack and may you live to see your great great grandchildren up to the 6th and more generations to come.

You all wondering where did that come from. I am finding myself. In this world i am constantly trying to find my place. I had felt lost and upon discovering who i am and what i stand for and what i really want, i realised that i do not want to change a single thing about my life. It is because you guys have colored my life beautifully and my story is complete because of a wonderful family that i have been blessed with.

I continue to be grateful for all of you. Thank you for being born as my brothers and sisters. Thank you for being there for me all the time. When i felt lost and when i was found, when i went through grieving and when i found my happiness. My birthdays, my graduation, my first job and even when i was unemployed. I have never forgotten a single thing. I pray that God will not forget you when you need him. That even if it’s for my sake that He remembers your love for me and mine for you and bless our family. That we may continue to find joy, happiness and peace.

I turn 30 tomorrow so i’m definitely feeling sentimental. I swear it was not alcohol influenced 😁🙂.

Till next time when we meet, i will be loving you everyday

Love Sharoe

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