Dubai trip

Dear No one

I have finally hit my thirties and i wanted to celebrate my birthday in style and do something fun. So my friend and i made plans to visit Dubai for the first time and i was not sorry, I had so much fun. Dubai is amazing and i was not prepared for that level of advancement, its like i was looking at the future, from the airport to the city, to facilities and everything. Lights even shine brighter than lights in my country. The air was even fresher than i could ever imagine, i will definitely visit there again.


I flew Ethiopian from Maputo and i had a crazy time at the airport from Maputo where we had a handwritten boarding pass incident because they could not load us into the system – omg i was scared because it was the day before my birthday and i thought that it was going to get worse but nope it only got better.

Always smiling, the world looks so much better than my imagination
30th Birthday . . . forever thankful. . .

The flight was amazing, we arrived in Dubai early morning on my birthday and went on to check in and slept a little. I had no idea whatsapp calling wasn’t allowed in Dubai so i missed out on birthday calls from friends and family back home. But at least messaging worked so i stuck to that.

After resting for a few hours and freshening up we then left for the dune bashing and the evening desert safari with Rayna tours company. Had a blast. I did not conquer my fear of driving but i had so much fun doing the dune bashing. We dressed up as well.

Took pictures with a falcon… so awesome

The camel experience was also amazing.

Had a henna tattoo as well… tried everything..


Dinner was on point and i had a great time eating and enjoyed the show on display


The driver was so amazing he was so polite and professional and skilled. I will never forget my 30th birthday.


Went to Abu Dhabi and when i thought i had seen it all, i was stunned the whole time. The food was on point where the tour guide took us. I love food in that country… The city is amazingly built I mean who knew you can have green vegetation in the desert… geniuses…

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque was just wow wow wow. . . I don’t think im able to explain how majestic it looked like. I had so much fun experiencing this grand place of prayer.

The beach was great too, unfortunately it was a day trip so i did not get the chance to swim.

The ferrari world experience was to die for. I was lucky there were no big queues. Had my first VR experience as well. Saw a ferrari in real life for the first time in my life. I’m in awe…

I was tired at the end of the day but it was all worth it.


During the city we visited The Palm Resort Dubai and Jumeirah beach and the Burj Al Arab Hotel . . . OMG


That city is beautiful shameee… i couldn’t comprehend it at all. It was too big to tour the city in half a day especially with pictures and all but we tried our best.

The miracle gardens was a miracle i never knew i needed to see. The place is a beautiful display of art and just simply amazing.

Then evening dhow cruise dinner. OMG i had so much fun, dinner was served hot and delicious. . . I love food and i can say i was satisfied.



The burj khalifa and Dubai mall

the view from the top Burj Khalifa


I wish i could just stay here. The queue are all worth it once you get to the top i swear. Its breathtaking.


My best part of the mall was not only the shopping but the fountain. I waited for 3 shows because of lack of time. I need a full day or two or maybe three by the mall.



Rest day, walking around the city doing nothing just absorbing it, lazing around the pool and then later went to the Dubai frame.

This was amazing and i would not change anything, except extending my trip to two weeks because i never scratched the surface. I was trying to have fun see more and still get in that rest before going back to work.

Dubai is one of the best places i have been to and i will be sure to visit again…


My birthday was lit, and i will forever be grateful to my Maker and Almighty Father for such blessings and many many more… I truly enjoyed myself

Till next time…

Keep on swimming, love yourself, love your neighbour

I will always love you . . .






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