Painful memory

Today i want to off load some painful memories as part of my all things I left unsaid series and set myself free. You see, my memory is getting full these days such that i am failing to enjoy the here and now. I feel like i have been trapped so long in a nightmare, […]

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Excuses, excuses, excuses, they tell me, NO, they are not, I swear I can’t make this up I can’t I swear, I am afraid What about? You keep asking Everything…. Everything scares me You see The night before a date I can’t sleep, All I hear are voices You think you are beautiful? He won’t […]

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Trapped inside a dream.

I’m crying out on top of my voice but no one can hear me. I scream and shout please save me!! I’m drowning!! I can’t swim!!! Been trying to float for a longtime, im tired i can’t see where i am going!! Someone please help!! Sadly no one hears😌😌 Or maybe they heard me but […]

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Sometimes i just want to be by myself, away from the noise of the world. Due to recent events i have come to understand and believe that the internet is both a curse and a blessing. Mainly a curse o i don’t even know cos its the best thing that ever happened to me cause […]

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So i have been watching korean dramas since i was a teenager and i have just recently watched a C-drama and i fell in love. My first chinese production i watched was the one with EXO Chanyeol called So i married an anti-fan, well it was just a movie starring my bias from EXO so […]

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Catch up!

Originally posted on Tatenda:
Today i’m just going to write about being available.In this life we know, we get busy and in this era of mental health it is very easy to forget to check on our friends and family. Its easier to assume that everyone is okay based on their social media status updates.…

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I learnt from my time practising meditation that positive affirmations daily help to create positive energy around me. It also helps create confidence and brightens up my day and improves my mood when im down. There was a time i had an anxiety attack back in 2017, i couldn’t even do anything at all. I […]

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