I learnt from my time practising meditation that positive affirmations daily help to create positive energy around me. It also helps create confidence and brightens up my day and improves my mood when im down. There was a time i had an anxiety attack back in 2017, i couldn’t even do anything at all. I thought i would never come out of it. It started like a storm brewing inside of me and then i just started to expect myself to blow up at any given time. So i was so anxious but i had no idea what was happening to me.

Then i came across some affirmations and meditation music and i listened for more than 6 hours nonstop. I was weak, felt tired and would drift in and out of sleep and restlessness for a very long time until the affirmations and meditation music calmed me down. I was so calm that i could not believe i was about to pop. So i started doing affirmations everyday to make myself fight just in case it happens again. I needed to know that i am not alone and that i am not forgotten so i researched about my situation and formulated the following affirmations and wrote them down and placed them on the walls of my bedroom so that i can see them all the time.

So i kept these and i just wanted to share with you all

  1. I am loved deeply and fiercely by God
  2. i am the light of my soul
  3. i am strong and powerful
  4. i am rich, wealthy and prosperous
  5. i am happy
  6. i am able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond that which i can think of or imagine
  7. i am beautiful, my body is perfect
  8. i am clever, wise and full of wisdom
  9. i am in control of my life and body
  10. i am part of something bigger and greater than what i can ever imagine
  11. everything works together for my own good
  12. i choose peace
  13. i choose love
  14. i choose kindness
  15. all that i need in this life, God has provided for me
  16. i am courageous
  17. i am bathing in positive energy
  18. i am balanced
  19. i am well protected
  20. i am unstoppable
  21. i am loved
  22. life is a gift and i welcome it with a grateful heart, i wake up everyday and realise that
  23. i am strong and responsible
  24. i am grateful
  25. i am surrounded by angels and I am protected,
    the way i was calm in the wind on this day is the way i aim for in tough situations, to be calm on the inside and on the outside, no matter the situation. When you are calm your judgement is rarely clouded
  26. I am the embodiment of peace, i am calm in the inside as i am on the outside
  27. i am the best version of myself
  28. God meets me at my point of need – I am grateful
  29. i love myself and i accept myself
  30. all my dreams are possible
  31. Money is an energy that flows in my life
  32. i am motivated and i am successful
  33. i recognise my talents and skills
  34. i am in control of my thoughts and emotions
  35. i am emotionally stable
  36. i attract peace and love
  37. i am responsible for my own choices
  38. I choose to live in peace and love
  39. I welcome joy and positivity
  40. I speak love and i am filled with love and i am love

Till next time…

Love you….

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