10 Korean dramas I watched and loved in 2019

Now i love most things korean, from the food, the music and the dramas. I blame it on my ever first drama My lovely Sam Soon that i watched back in 2006. Ever Since then i watched lots of asian dramas. I have previously watched Thai dramas, Filipinos and may be a few Jackie Chan movies. I settled in Korea however and you can call me a Koreaboo.


This list is an update of the other one previously posted.

Except for number 1 and 2 which i like equally the order is by best to less. It’s still the best of the ones i watched this year from February 2019 until mid October 2019. Please bear in mind that i rarely watch movies/series that are currently airing because the wait drives me crazy, one or two episodes a week for how long? 16 weeks or 8 weeks issa longtime. By the time i got to the 3rd week of Abyss and One spring night i was losing heart and growing faint and agitated such that i dropped them and im still yet to finish them. The biggest killer was Love Alarm. How can they do me like that. I am currently waiting for season 2 patiently only because i do not have a choice.

Now to the list

Romance is a bonus book

romance is a bonus book

Oh man where do i even begin, i need to repeat this so i can actually watch it slowly this time. Enjoying it slowly cause it was worth every hour i spent on it. If you looking for something sweet and second chances then this is your drama. She is a divorcee and then she found love where she least expects it. It’s rare for me to like female leads but i was so into both of them and yassss that is why its my number one.

Love Alarm

L Alarm

I’m still upset over the fact that i have not seen how this story ends yet cause we waiting for a season 2 whyyyy. I really wish there was a love alarm in reality though. I promise you some people i dated i would not have dated them, no shade. I’m sure mine would not even ring and im sure theirs wouldn’t ring either. You see if you are friends sometimes you think you are in love then boom the alarm doesn’t ring and you wonder why, may be familiarity cause us to think we are in love yet we are not. This is a great series, worth my hours for first and second watch and im sure when season 2 comes out i will recap again ha ha…

Radio Romance


I actually watched it last year and repeated it this year and watched all the clips on the viki youtube, kocowa and kbs channels on youtube. I have it saved in my computer. This made me a Kim So Hyun and Yoon Doo Joon’s fan. I can’t even begin to explain how sweet this drama is. It’s definitely my style. I am still looking for something like this. A first love, a celebrity, emotional scars and a sweet romance. Well i have had precious moments watching this. I laughed so much and i cried too. They both did well. The second male lead syndrome did not even affect me at all. The soundtrack was also a bomb. The instrumentals were my favourite… im still looking for one that usually played when Kim So Hyun was with her mother cause it was not there on the album

Hit the Top


I am not a Kim Min Jae fan so i was skeptical if i should watch it or not but well i fell in love with his father in the drama Yoon Shi-woo. OMG he was extremely cute and for a playboy he was sometimes clueless and i enjoyed everything about it.

best hit2
Just look at him and that hairstyle…he probably rocked the 90s hahaha what’s not to like

Imagine waking up one day and you have time travelled and you are the same age as your son, worse you both fall for the same girl. ayayaya!!! i never imagined it before. I loved Eun woo’s character in this he played it so well. It was yes one of the best series to re-watch.

School 2017


Now this was yet again another high school drama that i almost didn’t watch because i do not like high school dramas since the Heirs. But im glad i gave it a chance. I loved their love story and how it developed. Kim Se-jeong and Kim Jung-hyun did really well in this. The other male lead wow was excellent too. This really was extremely good.

Descendants of the Sun


I can’t believe it took me this long to watch such a big hit. Wait i know why… i was salty that it took most of all the trophies that i wanted to be won by scarlet heart ryeo. I am so sad i deprived myself of this precious gem sooner. The soundtrack was on point, the story line well put some romance and some danger and you won’t miss me. It was sooo exciting. The other thing was also because the lead couple was together in real life that made it so much of a fairytale come to life. The storyline usually my cup of tea but the fighting isn’t which i have to confess, i fast forwarded most of them. I fell in love with Onew, had no idea he was that good. Then i discovered Jin Goo, Song song couple and Kim Ji-won I already knew and loved from fight my way. It is a series that i will recommend to everyone, i actually recommended to a lot of people in my office ha ha ha i couldn’t with the second lead couple. I was rooting for them and talked most avout them. Then Onew and his pregnant wife olalala. I can say i had fun watching this.

Discovery of love


Well now, i discovered Eric Mun and hoped i had known him longer. He was so manly and handsome. The girl was pretty oh i had no hard time imagining myself in the story. I loved everything about this story, the second lead syndrome hit me and dropped me and i was satisfied with the ending. Now i was angry because of some choices in that drama but overall it was so fun to watch.

1% of something (2016 remake)

1 of something

i dont know whats with the title but it was an easy watch. So fun and sweet, i loved the actors Ha Seok-jin and Jeon So-min. They executed their tasks so well and delivered a story that i will remember and keep wishing that something like that should happen to me too. I think i will start helping out strangers maybe i will end up helping a billionaire one day and be written in his will. What? A girl can’t wish? ha ha I could really use a Chaebol in my life. Girl needs to live in a mansion at least once in a lifetime right. Or maybe i already did, i don’t know.

King 2 hearts


Well i sure did not see this one coming at all. I just stumbled upon it when i was suffering from a blockbuster curse and didn’t know what to watch. I was surprised that i actually liked it and then after watching it i went into deep thoughts about life and war and love. I was a lil bit depressed until i moved on after a few weeks or days i don’t remember. The prince who suddenly turned out to be the king and had to deal with the death of his brother, and forced to grow up, fell in love love with the enemy’s daughter. Their relationship was bound to be doomed and fail but they made it y’all. I love me some HEA and i almost got it until my favourite bodyguard was killed defending the king and our disabled sister was left alone without a man. At least the King got himself a wife and yes i loved the wife more than the king. She was strong as a soldier but weak as a woman. I can relate. I enjoyed this to bits.

My Golden Life


The longest k-drama i have ever watched. This was an emotional rollercoaster. I started on Netflix and ended up on youtube. Man i cried a lot. I remember watching marriage contract and dropping it at episode 14 cause it was too sad, nope I have grown up i stood by the director’s vision and i did not like the ending. I wanted to see them getting married and having kids, i mean i watched a very long series not so that i can be left with questions as to if the smile was for finally we can be together or oh man im finished, that stalker followed me here. I loved the story it represented real life and i guess whether we can like it or not they might not be a HEA, but i guess that is why we watch dramas after all. 52 episodes and i was ready to move on. I stumbled upon this drama and 5 episodes in  ir realised that its a very long drama and decided to go for it. The father had games with cancer and he was kind hearted after all. I hated the lead female’s mother and Jisoo was my favourite character of them all despite being an unpopular opinion. She was hurt so bad and i stood by her till the end.

Honourable mentions: Moorim School, Beating Again, One spring night, secret garden, happy once again and marriage not dating

Plan to watch: Cunning Single Lady, Master’s Sun and Secret Affair, My sunshine(C-drama)

Currently watching: My lovely girl ( k-drama),  Hua Jai Sila (Thai),  If Paris be downcast(C-drama)


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