So i have been watching korean dramas since i was a teenager and i have just recently watched a C-drama and i fell in love. My first chinese production i watched was the one with EXO Chanyeol called So i married an anti-fan, well it was just a movie starring my bias from EXO so there wasn’t much to it. Then youtube suggested So Young : Never Gone 2 starring Kris Wu and i loved it. I was never a fan of Kris Wu before and i only knew him as the guy who once was in EXO before i knew of EXO. I loved his acting and he delivered the message home. Well the story was so good and the ending was my cup of tea too. I just do not like stories that do not have a happy ending or a cliff-hanger.

Most chinese dramas are like that though. Korean dramas spoiled me to always have HEA in 16 – 30 episodes and then im moving on. One problem of chinese dramas is they always exceed 30 episodes and they go on and on sometimes i feel like the writers get lost along the way trying to extend the story beyond what they initially intended. So i did not like that most of their endings are not really that great.

Enough about that so here is what i have watched so far and liked, i probably dropped a lot more movies than i can count.

So Young 2: Never gone

never gone

The first movie i watched and loved from China. And the reason why i cheated on KDrama world and started watching Chinese dramas. It is not a series but i had to put it here and on top of my list because its my favourite from China. The story was beautiful. It’s about young love from highschool to college to working. I grew up with them, beautiful character development and aint nothing more beautiful than first love or young love. The ML was rich and so in love with a poor student who had moved to the city to find a better school. And all he wanted was to take away her pain. He did not know how to do it though. He thought giving her all the money will make her fine but she wasn’t having it. He tried to push his money on her on several occasions though. He never gave up on her and i love the ending too. Simply my kind of drama.. i was so in love even with OST omgee what’s not to like about this drama. I watched it on youtube but i feel like i should have watched it on the big screen in a cinema somewhere you know.

Love 020

love 020

It is only number 2 on this list but trust me it ranks high on my overall list of movies and series that i have watched in my entire life. Is it because of Yang Yang or Zheng Shuang, i will never know, their combination just killed me. I swear the first few episodes i was getting tired and feeling like i should stop but i just was like lets just keep going they could be a cute couple. They met online in the game and they fell in love in the game and out of the game. College students from the same department, the guy being the senior guy that everyone at school wants to date and the girl being every guy’s dream. The guy was just an ambitious student wanting to start his own tech firm and he succeeded cause he was so good. In their love there was no scheming or anything and that made listening to game terminology and stuff worth the pain. I almost did not notice that they talked more about the game and stuff but the romance was sweet and i’m still repeated it when i get bored. Episodes were divided according to theme every 10 episodes and the 30 episodes were so worth it. I watched it both on netflix and on youtube.

Boss and me

boss and me

This can also be called Shan Shan comes to eat and i watched it on youtube. It was one of the best i ever watched. Yooo Shanshan could eat. She was a rural girl who was hired because of her blood-type so she can give blood to the granddaughter of the founder of the company. One chance encounter with the Ceo and he was moved. Their love grew slowly from many interactions and i was with them all the way. The most heartbreaking thing was Shan Shan knew that she was poor and not fit to date a Chaebol. She was realistic about it and told him that when you feel like you found someone better for you tell me and i will leave quietly. I feel like the last few episodes were not necessary but they were fun though. Shan Shan grew up and i loved that she was honest to her man. She told him that she really does not like to work and just want to be his wife… oww i felt that. Society demands stuff from us sometimes it is so difficult to try and meet the demands and like a shoes that does not fit you just suffer all the pain with trying to fit in and all. I loved the supporting characters and one of them looked like my ex boyfriend haha i enjoyed watching him too.

Well-Intended love

well intended love

This one is definitely my favourite amongst all the movies and series i watched this year. However i just want to talk about the creepy guy  who made the lady to be diagnosed with leukemia so that they can get close since he was the only one who can get her a bone marrow. She thought she was dying yet he knew she was fine and just had a fever or something. I would be freaked out as hell. She was pissed rightly so, of course they went back together after she found out when they were already married and in love months later and then later on the stepbrother kidnapped her, he was creepy. So many psychos out there. Anyways this was a great story, i was loving and swooning all the time. They guy was so inlove with her and i really think he delivered all that i could expect from him. it was a well intended love after all. One thing about Cdramas is that their romance and kisses are mostly real unlike some K-dramas. Its never boring to watch haha if you know what i mean.

I hear you


Okay about this one i initially judged it by first few episodes and dropped it. However youtube kept on recommending clips from people who made compilations and i decided to be open minded. I hated the first few episodes and i hope other people won’t drop it based on this experience because it was worth it. I enjoyed so much. I watched it on netflix and man i had the time of my life and fell in love with both the male lead and the FL which is very rare for me. I actually went on to watch Attention, Love!, a Taiwanese drama by the ML because of his performance in this drama. The set up is a tv show about couples and they took on screen romance off screen and i loved it. They grew to love each other slowly and i grew with them all the way to the end. It is def worth all the 24 episodes.

Here to heart

here to heart

I am still recovering from this mess. It is taking me forever to recover. I have been watching 1  or 2 episodes and dropping of 5 drama series now. Its such a bad case of blockbuster curse. The withdrawal symptoms are refusing to let go. This movie should have been named Misunderstandings and waste of time. I swear it was probably 48 episodes too long. We could have ended it around 30 episodes and we would have been super satisfied. The actors were amazing, i already loved the ML – Mr Hans Zhang. He had impressed me with Shan Shan comes to eat. He was the opposite of that character and well it was a joy to watch. The story is about this lady and man who had a relationship that ended 7 years ago and the guy was still holding onto the girl. the girl returns to town and start working as a PA to the guy. When she left something tragic had happened and she had suffered trauma. I swear the misunderstandings made me frustrated but i kept going back until i was done. There is a HEA and even-though the misunderstandings were cleared i felt like they had kept on dragging for far too long. It is worth the time.

The fox’s summer

the fox's summer

To conclude my list is Fox’s Summer. I stumbled upon the fox’s summer on youtube and i fell in love with the ML. I feel like he was giving his best. The female lead was cute too and also put on a quite good performance. The supporting characters were the absolute worst, i found myself skipping their parts. I have no idea why they had a boring side story. Basically the male lead had a mental illness such that when someone lies to him he gets sick. Enters the FL who was a liar from the get-go. The FL is an ex of the relative of the ML whoo was adopted by his family. Honestly i think he should have been calling the male lead uncle ha ha. Anyways their love story had its up and downs but i loved it. Even-though the ex just gave up like that, that was weird. And then i thought we will have at least a concluding episode where they talk about stuff, showing up and smiling is not really a HEA i was looking for but then again it leaves room for season 3. It was the longest 44 episodes of my life but i enjoyed most of it.

To watch: If Paris downcast, My sunshine, love me if you dare

Currently watching: Nice to meet you (c-drama) and My lovely girl (k-drama)

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