My Favourite OST of all times

I love music and music just defines me. i have loved music for a very long time, everytime i am happy or sad there is a song for the occasion. I should have been a musician maybe or maybe i was a musician in my past life. I am also a serial tv drama addict. I have watched more than 100 korean dramas and i am still going. I mean people put all their ideas together and spend time working over them day and night so that we can appreciate them, so that is exactly what i do, give them the love they deserve for all their hard work. However ever since i was watching the dramas i never paid attention to soundtracks before. i don’t know if it was because i did not understand them or what i have no idea. But something change in march 2017 when youtube recommended one bts song performance from MAMA 2016 and i was in awe. So i googled the lyrics and started singing along, but that did not capture my interest for long so i dropped them and continued watching dramas.

It was Romeo by Jessi (Cinderella and four knights ost 2016) that peaked my interest in korean music and all of a sudden my ears were opened to listen to ost when watching tv dramas. This was already in April 2017 and man i listened to the whole ost album and fell in love. I looked Jessi up and found out that she was a rapper and had a great attitude, (btw i loved spirit animal and ssenunni.) So i all of sudden started noting the music industry in Korea is as good as their dramas and revisited BTS and never looked back since then.

today i just want to appreciate the soundtracks that made most movies and tv shows that i watched memorable. I love these songs and keep them with me because i feel like i can relate to the behind the song story. Which is easy because i watched the drama or something. I have only one song on the list that i liked despite that i never watched the movie because of personal reasons.

Now to the songs:

Dream glow

You bet it’s performed by BTS. I love this song so much. I just had to make it my number 1 song. It’s an ost of a game by BTS called BTS World. I played the game for like a few days and got tired of it and dropped it. I’m not into that sort of thing. I settled for SBTS. I also like V and Jin’s song for HwarangEven if I die it’s you 2016.

Eternal Love – Michael learns to rock

It’s from the drama Healer 2016. Healer is one of my favourite dramas to date and that song was just simply amazing and will always have a soft spot in my heart. Healer is by far the best drama out there.

Elastic Heart by SIA

It’s from The Hunger Games 2015.Well this will always be my favourite song and it’s my ringtone as well. I have the one with the weekend. I have watched the hunger games and loved it but the lyrics of the song are what made it more of my favourite song. “I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard.” Yes i felt like that in some relationships that failed and i wanted it work so hard but it never did, sigh. This has nothing to do with boyfriends but with family.

Just like fire from Alice in wonderland motion picture 2016.

Well i love me some Pink and she outdid herself on this one. The way she performs this song live it’s just simply amazing. These lyrics below they give me energy all the time, never a dull moment.

So I can get it running
Just cause nobody’s done it
Y’all don’t think I can run it
But look, I’ve been here, I’ve done it
Impossible? Please
Watch, I do it with ease
You just gotta believe
Come on, come on with me

My Romeo – Jessi

This is from Cinderella and Four Knights 2016. This song will always have a soft spot in my heart because it gave me kpop and for that i am so thankful for this series. The whole album is my favourite and the drama was great too. Full of drama and HEA. I already reviewed in my previous article. Notable mentions on this album was I believe, Only You, For you, etc they really went all out for this drama and i am one happy viewer and listener.

Forgetting You – Davichi

From Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I loved this song so much and i still listen to it everyday. Its the love story between Hae Soo and Wang So that made me to be like this. This is a great melody from great power vocals. These ladies are truly talented. Notable mentions from this drama is Will be Back by Im Sun Hae – i cry everytime i listen to it. its so tragic, and yes i love the feeling it gives me. The story itself was tragic with no happy ending but it was based on a true story so i expected that because there is no HEA in real life. We all die at some point and that song reminds me of that.

Goodbye my love – Ailee

From the drama Fated to Love You 2014. I loved this drama and this song just made me cry since it’s a sad story with a happy ending. I always sing it when i say goodbye to a lot of things or when i want to say goodbye. Its meaningful to me.

Talk love – K Will

From the hit drama Descendants of the Sun 2016. Omo i still regret not watching this on time. The whole album was fire and My fav song is talk love on top and followed by Always, Once Again. You are my everything. This series was destined to be great I mean they had it all. from soundtracks to big stars and great story, it looked like a big budget drama as well. Totally great all round.

Still Here – Liu Yifei

From the drama So Young 2: Never Gone. I still get chills everytime i listen to this song. I love it. I looked up the lyrics instantly and it was not an easy song to find but i succeeded and im glad i listen to it all the time.

You are never fully dressed without a smile – SIA

From the movie Annie 2014. Well i am a big SIA fan and when i heard this song i discovered that it is true. You need to smile always to feel confident and instill confidence to the those around you as well. So i try to smile all the time now.

Your clothes may be Chanel, Gucci
Your shoes crocodile
But baby you’re never fully dressed without a smile


But if you stand for nothing you’ll fall for it all
We got all we need, got no more
You’re never fully dressed without a smile
And if you stand for something’ you can have it all
‘Cause if is real your love will never die
You’re never fully dressed without a smile (oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh)



Real Love – Nam Tae hyun

From the drama Rich man 2018. I honestly watched this drama for Suho and i suffered through the episodes because i was curious how it was going to end. But one thing was i surprised with is that i actually enjoyed the soundtrack. Hard for me and Real love. I stayed with real love in mind till now. Great song.

I don’t wanna live forever – Taylor Swift and Zayn

From Fifty shades darker 2017. I went crazy when it came out. Best song of 2017. I love everything about this song and the fact that it was in one of my favourite movies i was so excited. I have read the fifty shades book more than 3 times all books. And though i did not like the movies i watched them all just out of curiosity, somethings should be left to imagination.

Story – Lee Seok Hoon

From Radio Romance 2018. I really love this song up to the point that i could not wait to buy it when it came out. We do not have spotify or apple music where i live so we buy music or listen on youtube. I was going crazy. The love story in this drama is too sweet. First love is just enough sugar for my required level of sweetness.  Then this heartwarming melody just reminds me of these two. Makes me wonder if i have a story too, with someone out there that i have neglected to think about. Im sure the song does not say that but that’s what came into my mind. Wait!!! i need to go repeat this series again.

That will be all for today, remember you are never fully dressed without a smile.

Keep smiling and be kind to people around you…

Later …

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