My first love

Fresh from watching the most romantic drama of 2019, i can say I’m in love. And i just remembered the first time i fell in love. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

It was love at first sight for me. I was in a barber getting my hair cut before the school trip to Victoria Falls on a fine Thursday afternoon. I walked in and sat myself next to him and was looking but not wanting to be caught. He is the most handsome man i had ever met at that point in my life. I, all of a sudden had a type of man i like. πŸ˜‚ very funny.

So he got his haircut and left. He forgot something behind though. You know a bottle of coke that they take deposit for you to return it. So someone called him back and he looked at me and asked if i wanted it. I mean it was empty and what would i do with an empty coke bottle. I had no experience in flirting but I thought he was trying to flirt and i was crushing deep on him. Well i just smiled and said nope and he gave me the widest smile that would haunt me in my dreams for years to come. Later on he told me that he wanted to hear my voice… ah cuteπŸ€—πŸ€—

I was sixteen and he was in college at that time from what i gathered and i knew i would never stand a chance with all thos college girls. So i got my cut and left. When i got home i took my bag and went to get my friend so we could go to school where we would sleep over night and leave very early the following morning. Guess who i met, my love. He was talking to my friend’s neighbor and they got him to take us to school.

I was edgy the whole ride, i was so into him and my tongue was stuck in my mouth even though i tried to play it cool. He gave me his number just for being friendly and i did not have a phone so i knew i would never be able to call him 😌.

The next time i met him i was 18 and almost done with high school waiting to go to college. I was walking home from the supermarket in my neighborhood and abruptly stopped and i can’t even believe the joy that hit me that day. He was super happy too cause he gifted me with that smiled that i was in love with. He hugged me and said that how come he never heard from me. Man he thought of me???? i was doing the happy dance in my head.

He asked me out there and then and said we already lost 2 years and he did not want to wait anymore. I quickly agreed to date him and man i was happy for a few hours until i realised i had no phone and my mum was the strictest person i had ever known. To this day i feel like she is still strict even when we are all adults. She is so protective of us.

My happy ship sunk because i could not bid farewell to him when he was going back to Uni. Then the unimaginable happened and his best friend whom i knew and was a family friend was murdered. I cried for him and i cried for my boo. He called me crying and all i wanted was to be there for him. I couldn’t though. Remember my mum, she is like a soldier and she knows everything.

So i would just talk to him on my friend’s phone. After i was done with high school a few weeks later i was sent to the rural areas to stay with my grandparents. No network no phones and even no electricity. It was like being exiled. Except that i loved my grandparents and the atmosphere there was so cool. It’s just that i needed my love too. But i couldn’t talk to him. To him i had disappeared and i needed him to know that i thought of him all the time and that i was alive and safe. And most of all still in love with him.

Well, i prayed to God to send me someone with a phone and God sent me my uncle the day before new year’s. So i called him the whole night we would chat and laugh and after that day i felt like i could go for a few more weeks riding on my wave of happiness.

I had a friend who was going to the same Uni as my love and then i asked her to call him and gave him a message. I was going somewhere to look for a parttime job on the 25th of January and if he was free i would be there the whole day. She wasn’t able to tell me if she managed to and i wasn’t able to update the information as well.

So on the 25th i went to that place and my love came for me. He was more than 500km away and he came for me. I will never be able to tell you how happy i was that day. It was like the happiest day of our relationship seriously. He didn’t know if i was going to make it, so he said he just decided to give it a shot. How could i not love him. I really felt like i was going to blow up anytime from too much love πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Those were the good days.. i feel like that kind of love came to me at the right time and my lonely days were filled with too much joy and happiness. I met him when i was having the early signs of depression. I drastically lost weight and had mood swings and sleeping and eating disorders but he filled my days with so much happiness and colored that time of my life with pretty colors.

To this day all i remember is how he kept making sacrifices for us until we thought may be we should let go. The communication breakdowns from lack of owning a phone on my side drove us to separation. He wanted to fight for us but how was he supposed to when we can’t even communicate. I probably haven’t loved anyone that much since then but having had the chance to love that much in this life was more than enough.

And for that I’m so grateful πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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