Dear My 40 year future self

Today as i write this i do not have as many dreams as the 20 year old me. I just hope you are doing well. I mean you need to do well mentally, financially, physically and that you are healthy and happy. That is what matters the most to me rn.

I have a few questions that i keep asking myself and i hope you have figured out the answers. So many times i ask myself if any of this is worth it, you know the struggle of life, What is it that will make you happy? For you to say waal I’m super happy, is it a state of mind like other people preach or is it dependent on situation and environment and people around you. I hope you have finally figured that out.

Life has been kind to me in my twenties. I went on a self discovery journey that i hope to continue into my thirties. Now that I’m thirty i have resolved to get out of my comfort zone and do things that i have never done before. I remember in my teens i never even dreamt of living Zimbabwe. I did not know what was out there. And a friend told me to get a passport and once i did i started to get opportunities to travel. So i discovered i like interacting with new people and experiencing different cultures.

In my 30s i hope to continue doing this but I hope by the time you read this you have at least travelled to 10 new countries and that you have had so much fun exploring new adventures. My desire is for us to visit to every continent on earth. You know we have quite a few and i hope by the time you read this you have visited at least one country in each continent.

Regarding dreams i hope you now have you MBA, this journey started quite some time ago and i hope you were not discouraged and you let go mid way. I hope you have a big savings account. Spending all your salary was a thing of the twenties 😂😂. In this new decade you are starting now lets have new dreams and let’s achieve them.

Oh and btw if you are not yet married its okay too. Don’t beat yourself up. Relax its not too late yet. And besides you probably a pro now at avoiding this discussion at family meetings. I mean you can’t be 40 and single and still opening feeling stations 😛😛. Well it’s something that i am still dealing with and i hope we fight this.

Growing up was all about survival until i get a means of survival. Then the twenties taught me to love myself and embrace myself. I learnt not to be embarrassed of myself and where i come from. To speak up and be heard. Voice my opinions because they matter. Starting the thirties i am already learning more about myself and this new journey. I’m finally learning to say no, and sorry I can’t and eating healthy too. I mean you will see. I hope i learn more for you to be wiser in your 40s. My dream is for you to be wiser 😛😛.

Remember the most important thing in the world is for you to be happy and healthy. I value that and let’s do well even in the future.

PS i hope one of the countries you travelled to was South Korea. Well, we been planning this for a very long time and i hope you got to eat lots of delicious foods and you had a blast that side. Btw is BTS still high on your ranking 🤔 i hope so cos we love BTS and we love Kpop. We love a whole bunch of things too.

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