Books that left an impression on me

I love reading books. I love every type that i can lay my hands on but I’m more drawn to romance fiction. I know I am a hopeless romantic and I never get tired of those happily ever after stories. I hate physical books but i love the e-books. I developed this habit sometime in 2015 when i was unemployed and bored and i needed an escape and books provided an escape for me. I remember i would just be buried in a fictitious world for hours and not be aware of my situation and surroundings. Sometimes i will just go somewhere where there are no people and just get lost in the field or garden under the tree.

My first ever romance novel was the fifty shades of grey series. I started reading books because of this. Well this book series left a very big impression on me. I was introduced to a whole new world and I swear I was shocked. That day i finished the first book at around 1am and quickly went and downloaded the two remaining books and read them without even sleeping. After i was done with book three, (fifty shades freed) i closed it and reopened the first one and reread the whole series again πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ.

I can’t explain the feeling i got from this series. It wasn’t as romantic as i would like but i just had never seen a sadist before and i was shaken. Wait was that woman stupid or what. I mean i would never ever want to be beaten up for a man’s satisfaction and if you find me doing that please be assured that it was against my will. I can’t even comprehend what Ana was thinking. But i guess that’s what fascinated me to read it so many times again. May be its because Christian changed or may be because he was rich. May be, that’s it, yes its because he was rich and he bought Ana a company so that he can deal with her boss, or whatever. Ow so romantic but only the kind of romance that you get in a book and do not want in real life. πŸ˜‚

As soon as i was done with FSoG i then went on to read the best love story and my favorite series of all time and the book that I’m still reading over and over again. I have to read this series at least once every 6 months. The Crossfire series by Sylvia Day. I swear I was even more confused but i was getting the hang of it. My sister gave me these books and to this day I am grateful to her i found a passion for books.

The crossfire series comforted me in so many ways. I used to think i was broken but I swear that couple was beyond broken. They were unfixable. I don’t know if I can ever recommend it to anyone because its not for the faint hearted. I love love loved Gideon Cross and Eva Tramel. I cried and laughed and especially the last book, uh i just had not seen that kind of ending but well to this day no book series has ever beaten this one yet.

The books are Bared to you, Reflected in you, Entwined with you, Captivated by you and One with you.

Then enters the Rosemary beach series. I read all the books in that series. I loved too far series the most and have probably read it about over 5 times already. I still can’t get over how sweet their romance was. Its definitely my style of books. Rich dude vulnerable and in love. Well Abbi Glines is my favorite author. Nothing too hardcore even though i have read a lot of hardcore books in my time. Here is the books reading order

Now to the books i read and never wanted to read again because they got me in my feelings and shook me to the core.

1. Sugar baby beautiful by JJ Mcvoy

My first book i read with a character that had a terrible illness that i had never heard of. I swear i cried and was depressed for days. I began doubting everything i knew about life before this book. Is everything real? Well the author shook me to the core and i already m a weak person.. if you are strong enough you should read this book. Its one of my favorite books of all time because it left a huge impact on me but I’m never reading it again. The story is about a girl who was lonely but never knew she was. She fell in love and was saved by that man. Well this is me generalizing it without giving spoilers. I really really love this book. You can see it here

2. Tears of Tess – Pepper Winters

Abduction. Slavery. I couldn’t handle it at all. I only read the first book and I’m never ever reading the rest of it. I am still shaken. I was paranoid for days after this book but then a little research showed me it was nothing out of the ordinary. Stories like that happen a lot. Women get abducted and sold a lot. I cancelled off Mexico from my list after that day. Its a good thing there was a happy ever after. I would have been dead if it was a sad story. But honestly her stockholm syndrome was just too much for me. Well you will need to read this one for yourself because it was amazing.

3. It ends with us – Colleen Hoover

This story was so perfect for me. It helped me to understand the reason why people get married. Tbh I was in love with the surgeon from that story and even if a lil bit of his behavior kept giving me red flags, I kept making excuses for him. I know I wasn’t supposed to be sad when she made her decision but I was. I learnt so much from her. She was a strong woman and now I became stronger too. I realized that a lot of people ignore a lot of abusive traits from their partners and keep making excuses for them and then like her mum it never ends. And also I learnt that we are most likely attracted to men who are like our parents or grandparents. At one time in my life I was forced to make a decision to let go the guy I loved and wanted to marry because everyone around me kept saying he was violent and fought with everyone. So I put someone to a task to find out if it was true and on that day he started a fight in a club whilst drunk. I was so sad but it had to end for my safety. Colleen Hoover’s it ends with us taught me to be strong in drawing lines.

4. Breathing series by Rebecca Donovan was one hell of a ride. I never cried this much for a fiction story. I took the role of Emma and when book one ended i was barely breathing. I mean i loved her boyfriend so much but well everyone else was just too much for me. As an orphan myself i know how it feels when other ppo are taking care of you but you know you are kind of inconveniencing them, i get that part where u don’t click with your mum and stuff but I felt like Rebecca took child abuse to a higher level and I’m grateful nothing like that ever happened to me. Book two when she was staying with her mum i thought well thank God her mum got her life together, but Rebecca Donovan was just starting, the girl got even worse treatment from her own mother. I don’t know what to do about this story but; oh hail author Donovan you had me shook and out of breath the whole time. more info here

5. After by Anna Todd

So my cousin begged me to read this book. I did not want to read it at all. But i caved in and read it over night on my precious weekend. I was not ready at all when that ending came. I was shaken. I cried and called to shout at my cousin. Why would she do that to me. I was angry with the author too. I loved the guy and how i thought he had changed. He had not even changed at all. Omg i never wanted to read the remaining books though because i thought it doesn’t make sense. I needed a week to recover after this book. I just wasn’t ready at all. Will i recommend it? Hell yeah. Definitely recommend it to everyone who just want a story to while up their time. I did not watch the movie, learnt a terrible lesson from Sylvia Day’s after burn and after shock series of Jax and Jia. I hated the male lead and that changed my whole imagination. So yeah, no thank you, no more from books to screen.

This has become such a rant and too long but i still have some books that i loved and learnt from and some that just shook me. So i will stop here today to be continued later.

Till then…

Stay happy and smile always