All things BTS

A few hours before the release of a new album, i decide to write my first post of 2020. This year started on a bad note and i just wasn’t happy at all. But today I want to talk about my love for all things BTS and look back at their journey and mine with them and appreciate them before their new release.

I stumbled upon these 7 men in 2017 around March when youtube suggested I watch their “fire” performance at MAMA 2016. I fell in love but like most people i had my reservations. So i just watched blood,sweat & tears and went my way. So i came back to them in May soon after the billboard awards. Since then it has been a rollercoaster ride that only goes up my friends. It took me a month to get to know their names and faces and roles in BTS and I’m still learning about them as a group as we go.

LY era

I loved this era so much because i learnt and grew with them regarding the topic of self love. I can say I have started to care more for myself and people around me from the person that i used to be. I sought help when needed and i participated in stuff for self growth and self appreciation and I have been a better version of myself. I love how they sang that even the old version of myself is still me with scars and all, in Answer (2018). How i used to look back in anger and now i just own it.

Anyways i could say lots but i just want to talk music now as a way to countdown to the release of MOTS 7. I loved the last album a lot. I really loved Persona and Home are my favourite tracks and mikrokosmos is fire too. With the new single that came out i will talk about it once the new album comes but well i can’t stop listening to it… Let me do my thang with you …

Top 7 BTS songs that i love in any mood, my best songs.

  1. Baepsae – silver spoon
  2. Go-go
  3. LY: Answer
  4. Cypher pt 3
  5. Epiphany
  6. Bulletproof pt 2
  7. Fake love

I remember the feeling i got when i watched Fake love first performance, proud and that rush i felt, mmm i can’t even explain it. I really wanted to scream but i couldn’t because of where i was. I really can’t wait for Feb 21. Go-go is my go to track all the time, i love how fresh it sounds and their cute dances and expressions completes the feel they wanted to give for this album. YOLO right? I really can not express how much i enjoyed bulletproof pt 2 ever since i watched the KCon performance and fell in love. They really wanted to win and man did they win.

7 BTS feel good songs for when I’m down and need some happy vibes

  1. 2nd grade – one of my best BTS songs. It’s silly but i love to dance to it and just let go without caring much…in fact i will be banging it lol
  2. Best of me
  3. Anpanman
  4. Boy with love
  5. Cypher pt 4
  6. Pied piper
  7. Mic drop remix ft Desiigner

7 BTS songs for when i feel in love and i just want BTS or something like that

  1. Lights
  2. Crystal Snow
  3. Magic shop – it’s one of the songs i love when im feeling sentimental as well. This just completes me even when I’m lonely.
  4. Heartbeat
  5. Spring day
  6. Truth Untold
  7. Home

7 other favourite songs worth mentioning just for when I’m either happy or not… BTS pulls me out of any sad mood always, here is what is dominating my playlist other than the above mentioned songs.

  1. Let me know
  2. Spine breaker
  3. Born Singer
  4. I’m fine/save me
  5. 2! 3! Hoping for more good days
  6. Euphoria
  7. Mikrokosmos

Okay just all things bts ends here and i will be writing my review of the new album soon. I need at least a week or two to watch the video listen to the album and finish all the US promotions, comeback specials and stuff like that and then i will collect my thoughts and summarize everything ha ha ha. I have enough time to do all of that sort.

Happy listening and Happy 7 release

Till next time


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