Relationship drama

What do you do when you are in love with your friend and he doesn’t really like you back. 😁😁

It doesn’t get any more real than this and i have been here and it’s not a good place. So i have a friend that i met when i was 20 and we hit it off from the beginning. One thing about me, i do not like making friends and when i do male or female it’s because i think you are beautiful either inward or outside appearance.

I have people that i became attracted to because of how they think, like they just have sexy brain 😆🙄🙄🙄 i know cheesy but anyone who knows me know that i like cheesy. Anyways i met this guy and i became friends with him because i liked him. I was so attracted to him from head to toe but i was not in a good place myself so i could not date him when he asked me. I was having a conflict but then we agreed to be friends.

We became so close such that i started making him a candidate for my marriage casting. I have interviewed him and i have tried and tested him without his knowledge. I kept growing so much in love with him. But i could not tell him cos each time we would meet he would be in a relationship and i was just happy for him. He would tell me all about it and i would gladly listen.

Everything was possible because we lived far from each other. We kept in touch through the decade and now when i met him recently all the feelings came back to me all in rush i almost couldn’t hide it. In fact i let the cat outta the bag and found out that he did not like me back…oooo talk about the embarrassment. Never before have i ever felt this embarrassed. Anyways all’s fair in love and war right. I will admit and count my loss and move on. It’s just that i felt he was the one and had been secretly watching him for a very long time hoping one day he will be single at the same time i do and we can make it rain you know. Well it looked like it was going to rain but it turned out the clouds were just flirting ones and they passed and boom its heat all over again… dry season 🤗🤗

This has been my experience i hope someone else got lucky, i didn’t but it felt good knowing his position and scrapping him off my list and now he is no longer my option. So funny but healing is a strange thing it just happens 🙂

Been listening to:

Crying over you – Honne ft Beka and RM and ON – BTS ft Sia on repeat.

Until then, keep loving yourself


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