One of my favorite things to do is to watch the sunrise or sunset. I have had so many opportunities in my life to do so and today is one of those days. The sun was setting so beautifully and i made a wish. I hope it comes true. 🙂

Sunrise represents the new beginnings and sunset represents the end. It can be the end of painful boring day or a happy and amazing day. It represents the end of a period with hopes to start again. May be today was a trainwreck hopefully tomorrow i get the chance to start again and say good morning again and say happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy new year or merry Christmas or happy thanksgiving like me.



I started this article back in november and i was crushed during that time. Nothing that i have been planning in 2019 came to pass. I kept making plans and they all kept on failing from january until november the eve of thanksgiving day. I was in cape town for a vacation. I was alone and feeling all alone in this cold world. I was in a new place and a thousand miles away from home and my life as i know it, but here i was crushed the point that i could not embrace my surroundings. I could not be happy surrounded by beauty and freedom.

The air in cape town feels so different from the air where i live, funny but even the environment is so different. There is lots of vegetation and the beach is totally different. I went up to table mountain and i even went to where two oceans meet, the indian and atlantic oceans. I was supposed to be happy. But it was until i sat down and watched the sun set that i discovered a very important thing in my life. You can be in a good place but if in your heart the storm that’s raging does not pass you can not be happy, and the reverse is true. Some people are happy in difficult times and you wonder well why, its the peace in the heart and mind that can carry you.


As i was sitting down on the top of Signal hill watching the sun setting on the Atlantic ocean for the first time i discovered that i can let my storm set with the sun and give myself a new lease of life. The whole year i been struggling so once the sun was setting i decided to let my worries set with it and trust that i am going to be fine wherever I am that i would do well and excel in everything.

I decided to focus on being happy and being in the moment, to look around me and look for things to be grateful for and just breath in the goodness around me. No matter what i promised to wake up each day and show up. Whether i feel like it or not, all i need is to do my part and just let everything flow. I trust God will take me through everything else. Changing a mindset is not an easy thing to do but to be honest since that day i find happiness in things that never used to give me joy. I used to be heavily invested in stuff that made me happy but in 2019 i kept distancing myself from them, ignoring my friends slowly, but since that sunset day in november i have found new strength.

The day after the sunset i found new strength, even though i struggled to wake up, i did show up for my city tour and discovered that i became happier that day, I wrote in my diary that for the first time in the whole year of 2019, i was happy. I felt happiness like i had never felt before. It was like some veil that stood before me and my joy was lifted up. Thanksgiving day, friday and Saturday were the best days of my 2019. I was extremely happy such that everytime i look back at those days i just automatically become happy. I just hope someone would also choose to be happy no matter what you are going through.

zero oclock

BTS released that song Zero O’clock, once that clock strikes midnight you get a new chance to start over again. Forget the pain of yesterday and give yourself a chance. Always forgive yourself for the mistakes of the previous day and be merciful to yourself and give as many chances to be happy as there are days in your life. As long as you are alive give yourself a chance to be happy. Even when waking up and brushing teeth seems painful (cause i know sometimes it is hard) just do it slowly and just show up, you never know when the day ends you might have found strength and could be singing and dancing to a new song. Don’t give up on a day in the morning, we have no control over what happens to us in the next minute, life will shock you. Be open minded and be happy.

I hope you find strength if you need it and i hope all goes well with you wherever you are, affected or infected with Covid 19, i hope all goes well with you. My prayer is constantly that, we never lose hope and that we never lose love for one another and that we all find the strength to be happy.

Until next time

Love you!!!!!!!