Happy birthday Jonghyun

Dear Jonghyun

I miss you every day. I listen to Y Si Fuera Ella almost every time, Elevator and Lonely are also my all time favourite classics from you. Let me out, end of day, & so good bye, to mention a few on my playlist.

These lyrics from Hyeya will forever echo my thoughts about you. Every Time I miss you i keep going back and put it on loop and keep asking, Why? I understand you, you did your best, but i guess I am selfish i wanted you to keep living and singing and smiling at the expense of private suffering and sadness and endless tears and constant feelings of being misunderstood and hated and judged for just being who you are. Yeah i have been selfish. I probably would not have even lasted a day in your shoes. I will never get it. But I appreciate you and what you did to make me happy.

I try not to mention you because im still sore and it always gets me down but today is your birthday. I am still bleeding for you. I woke up sad without even remembering it. Then i just was missing you. Only to remember that today was the day you came into this world. Even though you left too early for my liking i still want you to know that you did well and that I was pleased with you. All the entertainment you left through your art will forever be our comfort.

I wish i could hate you “for saying farewell with that cruel goodbye!!!” I wish i could have stopped you from leaving!!!

Thank you for being born and thank you for answering to the call of music and blessed us with your voice. I hope you are happy and are in a better place always!!!!

I will always love you!!! 💜💜💜

Till we meet again!!!

Keep flying with the angels and hope u found eternal bliss, peace and rest.

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