I hope you find this

Please find this, I pray

Dear Boss

Today is my birthday and i have found an excuse to be sentimental when no one can blame me. I hope you find this one day and that you will know that i was super grateful for you and your love.

Tbh, when you joined the company i really thought you were replacing me in the heart of the owner of the company. We used to be close and then you came along. I started admiring your hard work slowly and blamed your weaknesses slowly. But then i started seeing a change in your attitude slowly.

The day i will never forget is the one in March 2019 when i came into our office and cried because someone was bullying me and i could just not take it anymore. I felt something in me move drastically. You stood up for me and changed me from a colleague to a sister with your shoulder that i leaned on that day. You listened to me and sought solutions to my problems.

That day i grew lots of respect and started seeing you as a respected family member instead of a respected boss. Thank you for that day for real. What you did really changed my life and my view of other people. I never hated you before fyi but i was indifferent, that day i just loved you.

So when 2020 came and you just being your usual self i ask myself, where did u come from? God used to send me angels from time to time to take care of my body and spirit. I really believe you are God sent. From the bottom of my heart i truly believe that you are God sent.

You did my grocery shopping twice because you know im scared of going out with this covid19 situation, you bought me insanely expensive gifts time and time again. Everytime you travel you spoil me when you bring us goodies and or ask us what to bring back from South Africa. What kind of boss does that? I have never seen one like you. So i have concluded you were sent by God to meet my needs during this time. An angel.

Remember that time in January when my friend was not around and i was suffering from anxiety and constantly having panic attacks and you sat down and gave me advice. You told me lots about it and what i can do to help myself and you suggested methods to treat myself and so i could discuss it with my doctor. You listened and gave me a shoulder to lean on. Thank you so much

You know, I know and everyone knows that you do beyond what you are supposed to do based on our work relationship and because you do that, you have changed my life and you have brought joy and peace in my heart. Thank you for being such a good person and thank you for being kind once again.

I thank God today for you and for making our paths cross. I am truly blessed to be able to exist at the same time as you, and to call you my boss and friend and sister.

I will never say it out loud, but I love you💕💕💕

Please take care of yourself

Lots of love



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