Expressing gratitude

Yesterday was my birthday and i had a lovely time even though i was alone at home. I had virtual party with my family. They all showed up and i am so grateful we had such a great time. We danced the afternoon away to bops from NCT, BTS and Billie Eilish and even Psquare and Jah Signal. I was so happy and for that i would like to thank God.

Honestly my original plan for my birthday kept changing from BTS concert to Durban to Sun City and even at one point i just decided to not do anything at all. But i wanted to celebrate it with my brother so i had settled for going to the USA on his birthday in June and go to LA to celebrate mine the weekend after his. I was however not commited and i was even worried because i was not being myself. In January my friend asked me if i had any ideas but i kept juggling ideas and ended up not really doing any plans.

There is a verse in the bible that says, The steps of a [good and righteous] man are directed and established by the Lord, and He delights in his way [and blesses his path].” Psalm 37:23-24 Amplified Bible (AMP)

This is one of my motto in life. I strongly think that there is nothing that i do that is not ordered by God. Whether its trouble or goodness or blessings. So i kept saying i don’t know what i will do and it turns out with quarantine and all i would have lost all my money if i had made commitments and i still had a wonderful time with my family and friends.

I wanted to say thank you to my family and friends that made my birthday lit. My siblings kids are simply the best nieces and nephews out there. They danced to my tune even though they do not normally dance to bts they listened and entertained me with perfect choreography of Silver spoon which is my favourite track from BTS. I danced the choreo to Kick it by NCT 127. It took me a month to learn the signature dance moves lol. But i think i nailed it.

I have said this many times to my family and friends but i wanted to put this here so i hope in a few years we will find it and reminisce about the 14th of April 2020. Amazing day considering the situation. I am so grateful.


Anyways be safe loves, and take care of yourself. Unni or dongsaeng grew one year older and is practicing safe distancing and all the measures in my country to keep being safe during this time, we all have to do our part, hope you all are doing the same to stay alive and protect our neighbours.

I hope to have you around once this whole thing blows over…

Until then


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