To my mother

Poem to my mother

A mother is someone who you do not need to know, to know their importance.

A mother is someone who is just needed by their personal persons

A mother is that one person who will always listen to you, one who has no choice but to be there for you

Yes some are not there for their personal people but their absence is felt by the other person

Because whether we like it or not, the reason why we are here alive is because of her, and because of that we want her to want us,

We want her world to revolve around us.

We want to be her earth and all we want is for her to adore us day and night like the sun and the moon

We want her to be the stars and the moon during our dark nights and dark days,

We want her to bring dawn into our lives and give us hope for every new day

She is our sun even on rainy days, even when we can’t see her we just want to know that she is there somewhere behind the clouds trying her best to watch over us.

We want to have the comfort of knowing that, once the rain is gone, she becomes our calm and our fortress and that we can always go to her and find rest,

Because she is our home.

For a mother is a home to her personal people

Unfortunately I was one of those people who never knew my mum

But man do I know the importance of a mum.

To me a mum is an all encompassing force that is a powerful presence whether available or not

A mum is that voice inside of me that refuses to die,

to me she is a strong voice in the wind telling me which way is east and to keep going

She has been invisible all my life and she will until I die,

She never smiled at me and I never smiled at her back,

But I feel her presence day and night, I feel her smiles, I feel her embrace and I feel her tears and laughter, she cries a lot, because when her personal person is crying she does not find pleasure in anything,

Yes that’s right, im her personal person, I belong to her and its not by choice, I did not apply for it, I did not ask for it, I just belong to her and she belongs to me,

Was I planned or was I a mistake, a one night stand or a product of love during a honeymoon or just a break up fuck, or even maybe I almost got aborted, we will never know, all I know right now is that she is mine and I am hers, dead or alive.

Loice I will miss you till the day I die because you are a gift, you are an amazing woman who gave birth to an amazing woman like me, and yes im giving myself a compliment on your behalf,’

I love you ma, not by choice but because that is all I know,

my heart belongs to you literally, it was formed from your own, my flesh from your own, my blood ran in your veins first before being passed on to mine.

You are a gift ma, and I will cherish you everytime I think of myself, and that is everyday, because of you, I am today.

Please laugh more, so I can laugh too, just like the flesh you gave me was yours before it was mine.

Until we meet again, may your soul rest in eternal power

Yours, Sharon,

your personal person…💜💜💜

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