Music Appreciation Month

If you know anything about me it better be the fact that i breathe,eat and sleep music. I use music for everything including studying and just my whole being is made of music. Except that i can not sing to save my life or play any instruments other than the african drum, ha ha i mean who can not play african drums dah!!

This month of June a lot of good things happened to the world of music including the birth of BTS and also world music day is on the 21st of June. So i would like to do a series of articles to appreciate life which music brings and the changes and benefits of music. In these articles I will also write some about BTS because, why not?

I have been listening to music since i was young. Some artists wiped away my tears whilst some brought tears to my eyes. Some artists brought so much joy to my world and others just made me laugh. Music changed my life and music is my parent. That one parent who is there for me everytime i need them. When my mood changes there’s always a song that goes with it. Sometimes i just want to feel like a princess and sometimes like a badass woman, I mean have you ever listened to 7 Rings by Ariana Grande and still felt small and shallow, IMPOSSIBLE. Everytime i listen to it i get renewed and my joy restored. I feel like I am rich and i can do it all, even if its for 4 minutes or less that’s okay because during that time, i wasn’t paying attention to anything else. And usually that mood stays longer and nothing can bring me down.

So here’s my playlist for different moods to kickstart our music appreciation month, because music is my life and I am thankful that i have music and artists all over the world making music for me so i can access it whenever i need it.

When feeling insecure   and i just need that reassurance that I am loved and that I am able to do anything.

  • excess love jj hairston mercy chinwo
  • angel by the wings – Sia
  • Miss Independent – Neyo

When I need a reminder

That I’m important and that whatever im doing its okay, that there is hope for the future. I just need to keep going.

  • you say lauren daigle
  • You are never fully dressed without a smile – Sia
  • Change is gonna come – Sam Cooke (R Kelly version, Jennifer Hudson version, etc)

When I’m happy and feel like dancing 

I can get my groove on. These songs no matter where I am and whatever Im doing i have to at least bounce my head. I really love these songs, they provide for me a happy place. The killer T song Handigumbuke talks about how I’m not going to be sad even if you hate me i will just be and dance my soul out. 

  • Go-go and 2nd grade by BTS
  • Bank alert  – P-square
  • Handigumbuke – Killer T

When there is a lot on my mind

Sometimes it’s hard for me and i overthink and then i feel like crap and then i just need strength to keep going, I need to see tomorrow even though I’m failing today. These songs play a major role in bringing back from wherever i would have gone.

  • oceans where feet may fail
  • love never fails – jesus culture
  • umthwalo wami – zahara

When I want to feel badass

So when im running or walking and i just need to feel badass at the gym, these are my go to songs. I always feel lighter and even my step changes. I will be on top of the world.

  • no limit G-eazy
  • plain jane – nicki minaj and A$ap Ferg
  • 7 rings – Ariana Grande

When I’m crushing 

Like we all do sometimes its difficult to breathe or even be alive, sometimes i need a reminder that, breathe baby, you doing well. Or i just want to call for help or maybe just shout at someone without actually saying anything. Sia is like an angel for broken people. Her voice is perfect for people that are trying.

  • breathing – Ariana Grande
  • my world needs you – kirk franklin ft tasha cobbs, tamela mann sarah reeves
  • dressed in black – sia

When in need of motivation – 

Who does not need motivation every now and then. Eminem carried me with the anger in his voice for years. I remember the first time i heard cleaning out my closet, well let me just say i really did write my own verse to eminem’s song and we rhymed together.

  • never give up
  • Masterpiece Jessie J
  • Not afraid – Eminem

When feeling lonely 

The first time i heard pray for me i wanted to scream, so loud that my whole being was shaking. I do not know what it is exactly about this song but it is one of my favourite songs until now. I’m lonely sometimes around people or even family for reasons that i can not mention here but I’m thankful for this music

  • Pray for me – Kendrick Lamar ft the weekend
  • House on fire – Sia
  • Try sleeping with a broken heart – Alicia Keys


My all time favorite song compilation is the Brighter days riddim – omg you guys have to listen to it, it’s amazing. My favorite songs from that are dreams of brighter days by Busy Signal, Don’t watch the look on my face by Christopher Martin and Jah na sleep by Exco Levi  i mean everything here is gold. And very old school.

I would like to appreciate these artists for speaking to me through their music and for allowing me to interpret the songs in my own way. 

I have created a playlist here  of all these songs.

I hope you enjoy music as much as i do and if not then, I don’t know what to say…

Keep safe and find a cool song to jam to,

Until then,

Love you,💖❤🎈

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