Dear Jimin

Thank you….

If i have not been too busy with other stuff i would have written this letter a long time ago. I believe in giving people their roses whilst they can still smell them. Today i would like to give you yours and this is sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being Jimin and for sharing him with the rest of the world. I will not speak for other people but as for me I am truly blessed to have my path cross yours in this galaxy.

When i got to know BTS i was drawn to your voice and the way your body moves fluently. Like im not sure how to explain the talent that drew me in. I was so into V and I admired the friendship you guys shared. Personally i had never been so close to anyone before in my life such that i started observing and listening and researching on your friendship.

You see, that is exactly one of the most important things that i learnt from you. Friendship. I have become more and more closer to my friends from learning to be a good friend from you. I see how you treat Jungkook so many times, I’m not sure if its just for show but im thankful for that because it gave me an example of how friendships should be and i have scraped toxic people and I’m left with people who have a healthy relationship with me. Thank you for being a good friend to the other members and I hope that you will be friends for a long time.


The second lesson that is equally important and that I’m still grasping is about body image issues. Oooo how do i even explain it. I’m way older than you but who is to say i can not learn from younger kids? I have been on a diet since i turned 19. I have not even lost weight even though i have tried everything. The thing is I eat less and then i weigh myself and I eat more and then less, etc the cycle goes on and on.

jimin diet

I remember the time you did that 1 meal in 10 days diet, well that inspired me. Looking at how chubby and cute you looked back then and still you said that you were ugly. I don’t know, but that screamed body image issues to me. I have learnt from watching you over the years how you became more and more confident. I’m glad you realised that it was all pointless and that you look fabulous still. Your body looks great and im thankful for your confidence in yourself and hope that you have accepted it. I like how you look cute even with chubby cheeks. I do not blame you for wanting to look more beautiful than you already do, given the pressure of being judged by millions of eyes, you must feel insecure a lot.

jimin diet 2

I love how im relearning life all over again with you guys and that i should love myself just the way i am. And not because i have lost weight or gained, not because im light or dark. But JUST THE WAY I AM.

Thank you Jimin.

The other thing I love about you is how you deal with gender norms and toxic masculinity. I love how you threw all of that out the window and decide how to live and wear whatever that suits your tastes even if its controversial. I laughed a lot when you had controversy about what you were wearing as if the world does not even have enough problems.


Anyways thank you for standing by yourself and your beliefs. Growing up i had no idea what my tastes were for anything at all. Then i was told how to wear my clothes, then i was told what not to wear based on my body shape, which is not my fault. So i was scared to wear some stuff growing up. I’m now taking baby steps to wear what I love and what makes me feel comfortable, learning with you and other people out there. 

Thank you Jimin…

Some of the words that you said that helped change my life, the way i see things and life are:

“It’s just a bad day, not a bad life” 

You have no idea how that helps me when I’m having a bad day. I will just hang on till tomorrow and start again.

“Go on your path even if you live for a day”

I am surely risking a lot to live my life these days because when I die, looking back at my death bed I want to say, I have lived, I saw it all, I did all that I wanted and that I was happy. I hope that is possible for me to say that when the time comes.

“There is beauty in everything just not everybody sees it,”

I know not everyone is able to see the beauty in everything but I always try to see things from different perspectives and if i do not see anything good about anything I am learning not to say anything. I prefer to just let it go for fear of being a thorn in someone’s flesh. The world needs to learn to avoid being like that, it will save lives.

Funny story I know exactly the moment I jim med in and still haven’t Jim out, (u know once u Jim-in you can’t Jim-out). It was when i watched some music show live in south america i think, during the performance of the song bulletproof part 2. And you sang,

”Throw a stone at me if you’ve done as much as I did”

I was curious to find out how much you have done, but at the same time i realised no one is able to ever understand and fully comprehend what another person have been through or has done because no one has walked my path only myself. And that is why We are bulletproof part 2 has a special place in my heart to this day.

I hope you doing well, I hope you are NOT just giving yourself and not taking from us as well. Please be selfish sometimes and take all you can take for yourself too. We need you in the long future ahead. I mean take good care of yourself and say NO when you need to.

I am grateful for you and your brothers in bangtan,

Happy birthday BTS 🎈🎂🎉

Keep inspiring us and other people out there. Please do not ever change, but if you want to that is okay too, we will learn to love you the way you choose to present yourself to us.

Until then…

Love Sharon…

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