As much as i want to ignore the state of the world right now i feel like i can not. And this is not because I’m black but because I am a human being. The title of this article is called “ihondo” this means this is war.

I have been listening to a song by the same title from my motherland and i just became more angry than i already am and usually I am an angry person. This is war, usually the war fighters never get to enjoy what they fight for and based on history we fought so many wars since the beginning of time. So what if the people that are supposed to make you feel safe and protected are the ones terrorising you. Well i can relate because in my country we have suffered this for a long time.

I would like to applaud those people who are helping in the protests both online and in person. My prayers and thoughts are with you my fellow human beings. May black people count as people too. Racism is not only in USA but i know USA is one of the strongest countries in the world and has a lot of allies and if the black people have a breakthrough in the US i believe it will be a win for black people everywhere.

I would like to acknowledge all the other people that have died for this movement to have a voice. People shouldn’t die for human rights but sadly they do and I would like to give them roses this moment for what befell them will forever change the world. It is sad that they will not enjoy the life where black people are acknowledged but they will go down in history as heroes. I hope their deaths will account for something, and that they did not die in vain.

May the police all over the world serve the people and may they not be the reason why we are scared to be ourselves. May they be the voice of the voiceless and may we feel safe knowing they are there to protect us from the bad dudes for they are a lot of bad dudes out there of different races. The bad dudes have human rights too and they do not deserve to die, i believe everyone deserve a chance to reform, white, colored or black.

So please the police, “I know I may be wrong but please give me the chance to be punished according to the law and reform myself before you kill me.”

May we have a free world where we are not judged based on the color of our skin or religion or image but based on the person that we are and how we live our lives and the choices we make, good or bad. May we see a world where the poor and the rich will be seen as equal in the eyes of the law because we all know that in everything else we will never be equal but at least in the eyes of the law if we are equal it will give us the strength to keep on keeping on.

This is another song from my homeland sang in english and ndebele called Senzenina. This songs says why are you killing my mother? why are you killing my father? Senzenina means what wrong have we done…? It is so powerful and I really love this song, hope it inspires you too.

Peace? whose peace? whose justice? How can they say come let’s discuss peace, when they are armed and you are stripped of all your ammunition, so you can feel all the bullets…

We can not tolerate this any longer !!!!!

All lives matter!!!!

Justice for all!!!

Peace for all!!!

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