Instrumental Music

As part of music appreciation month I just wanted to honor and acknowledge this type of music for I rarely talk about it. We all know that Sharon loves music and would die without music. I however have a strong love for instrumental or a few classic piano songs. I can spend the whole day listening to just instrumentals and I have found a few youtubers that make music using violin, and piano. Their music is great and what i love about this type of music is that without lyrics it is open for interpretation. I just try to feel the chords with my heart. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I feel good. That is the beauty of this genre.

Alone Wolf (violin) is the first of its kind that I ever listened to and I became so addicted. This is one of the best of the music industry, it quite relaxing and you just feel at peace for a moment there. I was at work that day and all i can say is I will not love to do that again. I need this type when I’m at home sitting on my couch where I can truly appreciate and feel all the emotions it brings.

That is how I discovered this jam right here-  Transformers Age of Extinction – best thing ever happened This track has truly been a blessing. I listen to it often when I am down or when I need to think or something. It does the magic. 

Sometimes I listen to meditation music from youtube channels like Healing sleeping tones and Personal Power – Sleep Serenity & Meditation. They are my favorite and they make really good sounds/ music.

Sometimes i listen to heavy wind and rain sounds my favorite is by Jason Lewis – Heavy Rain and Wind Sounds Black Screen – 10 Hours of Countryside Rain for Sleep and Beat Insomnia, Soft Sleep Music with Rain Sounds, Fall Asleep Fast, Sleeping Music 🕙10 Hours – Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music. They always make sure I am relaxed and asleep by the time I get to 20 minutes of the video. So you might want to appreciate them by checking them out.

Then there is Doopiano and Samyang piano. They do covers of all my favorite artists and they really good. I just love to paint whilst listening to them play. It’s never a dull moment when the world is filled with talented beings.

This is how i discovered sleeping at last, OMG you have to check them out. They are amazing and they music is epic. I just love them

Currently I am obsessed with this here, I do not know how, why or when but I just know that I love this track and it speaks lots without saying anything.

If you have suggestions for me let me know, I will be glad to try new artists. I hope they keep doing a great job in blessing our ears and minds and souls.

Until then..


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