Dear Inner Child

I have taken a long time to write to you but please understand that I always think of you. How have you been? How are you? I sincerely hope that you are doing well. I have spent most of 2020 in healing camp. I took so many days to just focus on healing from our trauma and I believe we are going to be alright.

When the therapist told me I needed to help you i thought it was an easy job. I thought ow what could she possibly need to heal from other than the death that she needs to get over. I’m so sorry I underestimated your journey. I love you so much and during this time as I got to know you, I have learnt a lot about you and your struggles and I am so happy to have gone on this journey with you. I really want you to know that it is well, no one will ever hurt you again.

I am so sorry you were rejected time and time again but I want you to know that you did not need those people, if they rejected you then they were not for you, for if they were for you surely they would not have rejected you. In this journey only people and resources that you need will stay with you and when their time is done, they leave. That is not to say treat everyone as they are going to leave. You have to understand sometimes it will be you leaving too and that person will get hurt too. Here’s the thing, living in the moment is the best gift you can ever give to yourself. Enjoy today with its blessings and problems for tomorrow has itself to worry about. Please I beg you to not trade today’s happiness for tomorrow’s problems that you have no idea if they will come, when and how they will look like. I want you to understand the importance of living in the moment and to cherish the people around you.

I have this to say about people that hurt you, please let it go, simply because it hurts you more than them. Bad people usually never learn and they keep going on hurting other people and they never change. It is not up to you to save them. You can not save everyone without tearing yourself apart. Please do your best to let go of the hurt they caused you and be free from their mental chains and mental slavery. You see revenge is not for you either, usually it hurts you more than them. God will sort them out, if you do not believe in God at least believe in Karma the rule of the universe, for everyone reaps what they sow.

Whilst on that please remember that whatever you sow you will surely reap. Please make it a point to always sow good in everything you do. Always be kind and kindness will follow you around, maybe not now but one day it will be repaid in ways that you will never expect. The wicked do not have rest, please refrain from being evil to your neighbours because you will reap wickedness in return. One day is one day, no one escapes their karma, so please I beg you to always have love for everyone good and bad, may the Spirit of the Most High God guide you in this so that you will not fail in doing good.

I love you more than anything, always remember that. You are important, and worth every good thing in this world. There is nothing in this world and no one in this world, who is more important than you. Always remember that and do not let the world take away your confidence because of this.

If ever in doubt, just bow down and pray. Sit still and meditate, the answers are always closer than you imagine. Trust yourself to do the right thing and always believe that you can, and you will…

Until I write to you again, please remain strong and healthy, I’m working to get us in the best shape.

Love always


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