Day 4 of gratitude month

Today i am grateful for my journey. It has not been easy but it got me to where I am now. I will never be able to talk about my journey without mentioning the valleys i went through, the seas and the waves that i walked, and even the mountains that i climbed.

Like anyone else who is here today alive I must have had a few regrets but mostly i am grateful that this journey shaped me so well and moulded my personality. I know what it feels like to be extremely hungry and i also know how it feels to have a full stomach. Thanks to the cycle of life. I have lived in extremes. I went from having two parents to zero in a nick of time.

I went from boarding school to day scholar at a farm school. I have walked to school on a couple of occasions for 10km but that did not kill me. Instead i built endurance and even though i am a giant woman i do not tire easily. My journey was filled with love from my grandparents and aunties and uncles. I come from a big family. This journey was not easy but this journey was filled with lots of love, and heartache. I have laughed a lot until tears fell from my eyes and i have cried sad tears too. I have smiled a genuine and a fake smile a lot along the way. I submited intentionally and at time i was forced to submit to different people and causes.

This journey, that i will share in detail later on has been a rollercoaster ride. I have felt all emotions good and bad. But this journey is mine and in this journey i have been able to hold on and kept going.

Would i trade this journey with someone else???? The answer is a NO, this journey is mine and if not for this journey and path that I walked i have no idea who and where i would be. I am so thankful and grateful that it’s my journey of life and i own it. I can tell my story myself, no one knows it best. It’s mine.

I am excited to know where i will be going next. We have been in many countries, we have met new people good and bad, we have done all sorts of things but i have no idea where this road is leading me next. But I have no worries, I am happy it’s me in this journey and i am grateful.

I hope your path leads you where you need to go…. 🤗💋✌✌💜💜

But even if you get lost along the way, you will find the path you need along the way… do not lose heart… it always falls into place eventually…..

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