Day 5 of gratitude

Today I am grateful to my parents, both adoptive and birth parents. Without them I wouldn’t exist. My father was my hero, still is and i love him even if he is still not here with us. He was just an amazing human being. He did everything with love. He took care of a lot of people and changed many lives. I am so grateful i got to know such a soul.

My mum even if I don’t remember anything about her, i still am thankful that she gave birth to me. I am so happy to be here and alive. She really did a good job.

My adoptive parents took good care of me and I am so thankful that they did so much for me and my brother. I hope God will continue to bless them for their kindness and good heart. I was taken care of well, i had food and clothes and a shelter. I really m so grateful.

I remember the time when my father passed away, i remember thinking that all is over, that no one was going to care about me or to take care of me. But a few months later they took me in and took over from where my father left off. My adoptive parents made sure i went to school, that i fees/tuition, that i had food and that i was on the right track in life.

There was that one time i would like to think i had given up on mathematics and thought yah my path never included figures but my adoptive father sat me down and threaten to kick me out if i had failed maths in my final exam. That gave me the encouragement i needed and even though maths was tough i still passed. Well the streets are not an easy place. Looking back if he had not done that i would not have had a career in accounting which pays for my life rn. I ended up realising that i was not bad in maths after all.

I am so grateful to them for treating close to their kids even though i was not theirs. I owe them a lot and may God repay them by granting them the desires of their hearts. May lines fall into pleasant places for them.


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