Day 8 of gratitude month

Today I am grateful for having Kookie. I adopted a kitten back in October when i was really down and thinking of an out and she saved my life. The whole month of October i lived for her. I was drugged and out most of the time. I thought i was going to die. I remember waking up at 1 am to go and feed her milk because i thought she would die of hunger even though i was drugged on Zolpidem, i would sleep walk and then play with her a little bit with a wand.

I remember the first signs of hypothyroidism, the dizziness and the side effects of venlafaxine and still i had to go on so she wouldn’t be homeless. I pushed through for my little girl. She depended on me and i did not want to let her down. I had to play with her even during the times i was hyperventilating and my chest was on fire. I had to make sure i do catch-kill-eat 😁😁. I had a reason to wake up. I needed her to get energy and eventually waking up was not difficult anymore and then before i knew it I was back on track and smiling every day. Oh what a joy my girl is.

She is the apple of my eye, my sweetheart and everything. I had no idea what I was missing. She cried for the first 2 days because she was in an unfamiliar place but i remember getting worried when she stopped because i thought that kittens cry all the time. She then started chirping like a bird 😂😂😂 i called my sister at midnight that day worried, we did a research online and came up with all sorts of results ranging from nothing to terminal illness. Well i guess i just panicked and it turned out she had adjusted to my noise and communicated to me at a lower frequency.

Kookie is all grown up now at 3,5 months old i never want her to leave my site. Today when she was sick i checked on her for like every 30 minutes im sure she was even surprised because i was supposed to be working but i could not concentrate well without being assure that she was fine. It turns out that it was constipation and after popping she started chirping like normal and following me every where 😁🙄🙄

I made the hammock myself, #proud 😂

I am so grateful to have her in my life. It’s no longer lonely and i have a reason to live for, she needs me and I need her. So we take care of each other as we play games and run together. I laugh a lot and there is an overflow of peace and joy and love in my heart, all because of miss kookie.

Bless her

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