Day 11 of gratitude month

Today I am grateful for my colleagues, Jane and Tatenda. I have worked with them for about 3 years now, and I can tell you without a single doubt in my heart that they have changed my life. Today I was reflecting about what they have done for me over the years, as an outsider you might not really see anything but I feel so much more inside. I have learnt to love through them. I have realized that you do not need to be family to show kindness and love to anyone.

Growing up, I have had an unstable family life and I have always tried to hide myself. I would like to think that at some point I stopped growing. I allowed the bitterness of my inner child to take over my life. Everything became all about me and never about anyone else. I have fought with my workmates on a couple of occasions because i hated anything that was not about me. I really did not know how to work in a team and I would have rather worked independently. I wanted always to prove myself even in matters that did not need me to do that. So I worked hard and did not allow anyone to drag me down. I was constantly frustrated because in an organization we have to work as a team always and you realized your strengths and weaknesses from team work and then you also learn from others around you. I was always in survival mode all the time because I was running from something.

A typical smile on a typical day in my office

When Tatenda joined the company I really took a longtime to warm up to being able to teach her the ropes even though she came to relieve me because I was overwhelmed. I was used to being alone and doing everything alone and knowing everything alone. I wanted to get promoted so when Jane came in she took my promotion away because she came over more qualified and took my job. So you can imagine how our first meetings were like. I knew if i wanted to get a better offer i had to leave the company but then again I love the company so much and my boss is a kind and nice person.

I have learnt that miracles come to you in ways you do not expect. They are never packaged in a way we can imagine. Over the past years my childhood trauma has been slowly melting being replaced by the love of my coworkers. I have been constantly surrounded by so much love to such an extent that I have started loving too. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ Its true what they say about how we are affected by the company we keep. I have learnt to ask myself questions that matter. Jane constantly tell me positive traits that i have and have never pointed out any one of my weaknesses. She constantly encourages me to show the world more of myself and she keeps praising me to such an extent that I started believing everything that she says.

Tatenda has been splashing me with gifts left right and center. I have a lot of stuff that came from her and I am so grateful for her. The discussion we have are always enlightening and she really stands up for me in a lot of ways. When I get sick she takes over my responsibilities and encourages me to take off sick even if she is swamped too. She always makes sure i do not overwhelm myself and fall sick because of overworking.

I have learnt to be a team player and I have managed to actually feel comfortable sharing compliments for work that I even do by myself with the team. We are strong together and not everything is about me anymore. I love and appreciate these changes in my life. I have also learnt to share responsibilities with others and also to share knowledge so that our team is better. Their love has been constant and has been the best thing about working away from home. Their kindness is just like nothing I have ever seen. From doing my groceries when I’m sick to just tending and dotting on me when I need attention. They have become more than colleagues and just family. Not many people can say that about their colleagues.

I am so grateful for these two women today. I pray to God to bless them beyond their imagination. I pray that lines fall into pleasant places for them always. I pray that they do not ever change and that they are not only kind to me only and that they keep spreading their kindness everywhere they go for the world needs more kindness especially the corporate world where I have belonged for the past 8 years.


Until next time, I remain grateful

2 thoughts on “Day 11 of gratitude month

  1. Life is indeed a lot better if you have good colleagues and some close work friends…quite a misery if you are stuck with the wrong crowd (I know too well šŸ˜«)….I must add you have a beautiful smile dear šŸ˜€


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