Day 12 of gratitude month

Today I am so grateful for having BTS in this world. I have loved many artists over the years and I have never had something constant until I encountered BTS through Billboard YouTube channel and MAMA awards 2016. Well my life has never been the same. I kind of wish they would slow down for me to catch up with a lot of content they have been putting out there. Since I have discovered BTS they have changed my life over the past 3 years and they do not even know me. 2020 with the lockdown and all I have attended their concert twice online and to tell you the truth I was beyond excited I always had something to look forward to in a hopeless world of shutdowns. Nothing really happened this year since it was one lockdown after the other but BTS was online almost everyday and they kept releasing content one after the other, most of it was for free.

Old photo but I love this

Suga did lots of lives painting so I decided to do it too and discovered that I was secretly talented and I had no idea I had that gift 🤗🤗 Thank you Suga. I have decided to paint to release stress and I can it is a good stress reliever and I do not why I never started to do this sooner. My house if filled with bright colors now and I am so happy that I discovered this hobby.

V and Jimin’s friends from MOTS; 7 also inspired me to start a friends catalogue of photos and memories. I print them and put them in an album and write notes next to each picture and sometimes I go back and just laugh and smile. This is why I love BTS all they inspire in me is for me to be the best version of myself. If there is something bad that you found out about them… I have amnesia please do not remind me…🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Then there was the series (break the soul) where I could just escape my life and outside noise and just enjoy myself via we-verse. I am so grateful that BTS during the UN speech talked about “life goes on” and they popped my bubble. To be honest until that time I was reluctant to go outside and then after that speech my bubble was burst and I knew I was missing out on life out there so I started meeting my friends again in a safe way of course. This was beneficial with my healing process as I was trying to drop my antidepressants. BTS was God-sent to me. They guided me through the time I was learning to love myself together with meditation (raja yoga). This combination taught me a lot about selfcare and forgiveness and loving others from loving myself.

I have been on a journey to love myself since BTS launched their campaign and then the came map of the soul series which helped me to get to know myself and try to recognize bad traits that I am currently dealing with like ego, etc. – with the help of the theories by Carl Jung which I had to read the books too 😁😁😁 it’s so funny because I hate reading books that are not fantasy. Speaking of fantasy, being in the fandom helped me to discover fanfiction and ladies and gentleman I have not regretted ever discovering this website with probably hundreds of thousands of books and I can say I have read quite a lot of books depending on my mood. I have found that I am rarely down as my brain has a lot of time to relax after work which has made dropping my antidepressants easier. I have been reading books non stop and my 2020 has been great because BTS got me covered with all my entertainment needs. What more can I say, they got my back and I love them so much.

So today I feel blessed to have discovered this band. I pray that God guide them so they do not fall into temptation and that they continue to be awesome. May God give their souls joy and peace and rest for their bodies and all the energy they need to do those awesome dance moves and still be just amazing young men trying to have fun in a judgmental world. My prayer is that they never stop being awesome and stick to their calling.

OOOOO this world needs to chill down and give everyone a break.

Until next time. I will keep on being grateful…

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