Day 13 of gratitude month

Today I am so grateful for having a brother who loves me. We do not live close to each other. We grew up mostly separated first, because our mum passed away early and then when we got back together only to separate again after our dad passed away. Then we reunited when I was 15 only to separate again just after my 18th birthday. Growing up when we would meet all we would do was cry about whatever will be going on in our lives. The times were short and at times it would be a month sometimes a few days. Then he had to relocate to the USA when I was 23 and just like that we rarely meet at all. We went through the same yet different experiences. By same I mean our experiences stemmed from the same tree roots but the branches of our lives went in different directions that automatically meant the wind and the rain affected us differently.

Today I celebrate my relationship with him because when ever we call each other now, we do not talk about pain anymore but about our joys and happiness, our amazing life experiences. We share a lot about the good stuff and he listens to me when I need a shoulder to cry. He understands my dark sense of humor and likewise… we definitely stem from the same tree. He has been there for me since he was born and although we fight he is an amazing guy and i love him to bits. It’s a comfort just knowing he is there and whenever I call he picks and I do the same for him as well.

I was watching the show, the voice uk and I found out that Olly Murs was a twin and he fell out with his twin brother and they do not have a good relationship since years ago. I realized that I should never take my relationship with my younger brother for granted it is just the two of us after all. We have fought over the years and spent at most 3 weeks to a month without talking but then we just miss each other and we reconcile and sometimes we do not even apologize we just pick up from where we left before fighting. This is truly a miracle and I am super blessed to have him in my life smiling and healthy.

God bless my brother with the desires of his heart….


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