Day 15 of gratitude month

Well i discovered that the weather was affecting me a lot. Everytime it rains or its cloudy my mood gets down. It has been very hot and today it finally rained. I did not open my curtains all day and i just hid myself in my house all day. I work at home so I am grateful for that, i hate this weather.

Something good happened to me today. One of my favourite artists from Zimbabwe released a new song. Everyone says its a stupid song but I am in love with the beat and the lyrics and even the video. It’s called “porovhoka” by Jah Prayzah. Its my new favourite song and been listening to it sonce i woke up. Oh that and nice for what by Drake.

Porovhoka means to provoke in English, i had to listen to it twice before understanding what the name of the song means 😁😁😁 and i am a shona to the core. I love this song, you will never be able to understand how much joy it brought me. It dragged me out of my stupor and out into the light. I am so grateful for having music in this dark world filled with thunderstorms and dark clouds.

I was provoked and triggered by my family yesterday and that issue that i thought i had conquered of fitting in and being acceptable and enough for them came rushing in and i was so sad. At first i had no idea why i was sad but i later figured it out and the pain i felt was crazy. I try to come to terms with not being able to be acceptable and enough for everyone but sometimes it gets to me. However this song happened and helped me up.

It instantly lifted my mood. It talks about how you shouldn’t provoke me and how we gon party and drink up.. The video and the vibe everything just made me laugh. I really really loved the song and artistry in this one.

Thank you Jah Prayzah for this. God bless you… I am so grateful for people like this that go ahead and touch my heart and help me up.

This is the link to the song if you are interested in checking it out… Porovhoka by Jah Prayzah


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