Day 21 of gratitude month

Today i am grateful for how far i have come and also how far I am going. I acknowledge the journey before me and if my past is an indication i guess I am heading for greatness. My graph has been growing slowly but surely. It has been steady and that is the most constant thing ever.

Whenever i lost my job i would get something better and whenever i get my heart roken, i always emerge wiser and stronger.

I just was going through my photos and got tears in my eyes because well i have come so far and I am so grateful that I am alive and healthy and stronger than i was. I am well fed too, in fact i need to lose weight. This was never a problem before.

I may not have it all yet… Youknow like the big dreams …. luxury cars, big rings and flashy houses but I have enough for this part of my journey.

And for that, I am extremely grateful 🤗🤗🤗💜💜💜💜💋💋💋✌✌

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