2020 in Asian dramas

My 2020 started on a sad note with so many deaths in the family but one thing remained constant and that is my love for dramas. O that is my escape and that really gets me in a happy place when I’m failing to get there by myself. The first two months of the year I focused on south Korean as usual but towards the end of February I became hooked into Chinese dramas and then Thai dramas, even sampled some Taiwanese and Japanese dramas as well, until I stopped completely.

Something changed inside of me and I have no idea what but I can not finish a drama or movie without feeling anxious. I end up picking up and dropping stuff but then now that I am on holiday I have decided to pick up where I left in June or July.

If you have any recommendations of any sweet cheesy rom coms from Asia please tell me anything with less than 30 episodes, cos that’s as far as I’m willing to go. Anything beyond I can guarantee that it will not be a happy ending and I live for happy endings ha ha ha. Chinese dramas have a problem of not having a HEA which is what I want. Movies and tv dramas are my escape route and I do not want to be spoiled and or get angry or sad because of a drama, anyways onto my lists….

South Koreans Dramas that I watched in 2020;

The King the eternal monarch – This has to be on top of my list. This was just amazing and yesses I was just needing a Lee Min Ho in my life.

To my name – This made me super obsessed with the idea of soulmates ha ha I’m too old for this stuff. But I was so in love with this YouTube drama

Terius behind me– this was extremely entertaining. I loved it, again not my type but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

BTS break the silence well I do love most things concerning BTS but well this was amazing

He is psychometric – I enjoyed this one a lot more than expected. I have no idea what happened to me and fairytales but this was not a fairytale and i cried a lot. I was also sympathizing with the villain omg who is me?? Im confused ha ha 😂😂😂😂

hello-monster – I really was not expecting to like this as I like fairytales but this is straight up psycho and I realized that I like this a lot. OMG you have no idea how much I loved the villain… he was crazy and I was totally here for it

Goblin – I have rewatched this soo after watching it because it is simply that good. It is an old drama but well it is never too late to watch it because it will have you believe in God whatever your religion is. It is not Christian but I found myself just getting the hidden messages and the hints of His Grace and how so often we reject God’s grace yet it is His gift to us… I can not stress this enough.. I grew up a lot from this drama even though i refrain from dramas that have religious connotations

while you were sleeping – this is old too but well i loved it. Dreams dreams dreams ha ha ha got me going crazy for a bit with my nightmares trying to get the meaning and what not ha ha ha but is a good movie series.


Intense love – This was fluff and swoon. I have never loved any drama more than this one. I was in love the whole time

Lucky’s first love -this was just cute and the whole idea of first love, ceo falling for simple girl just had me for a while there. I was totally sold on this cliche and I rolled with it.

Find yourself – This is what got me into chinese dramas. I fell in love with Victoria Song and Song Wei Long. OMG they had good chemistry and i loved it

Moonshine and Valentine – soulmates or whatever. I loved the whole idea of a fox falling for a human who dies and gets reincarnated over and over again and he still looks for her. It has not the best quality and the best story but I fell in love with it all the same. I was hooked on it for days and repeated it like 3 times already. Although i skipped about 3 episodes before the last 2 episodes ha ha ha like i said the plot holes do get weird.

My girlfriend is an alien – the girlfriend was so cute. The guy was extremely handsome and cool. NOT my type but totally cool to make me fall in love with their characters. It was perfect.

My amazing boyfriend season 1 and season 2, they were both amazing and I really had fun. It was light hearted and very very entertaining, even though the cast changed in season 2 i have no complains.

I will add part 2 of this to include Taiwanese, Japanese and Thai movies that I enjoyed in 2020.

Until then ✌

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