Day 22 gratitude month

It’s day 22 of December and i have been trying to teach myself to be grateful. I would like to appreciate the journey and how my mind just automatically asks each day what we are grateful for. I acknowledge everything from the air that i breathe to the sun and the wind. I am grateful […]

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Day 21 of gratitude month

Today i am grateful for how far i have come and also how far I am going. I acknowledge the journey before me and if my past is an indication i guess I am heading for greatness. My graph has been growing slowly but surely. It has been steady and that is the most constant […]

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My journey with depression (pt3) – a continuation Wikipedia defines a nightmare also called a bad dream, as an unpleasant dream that can cause a strong emotional response from the mind, typically fear but also despair, anxiety or great sadness.  The dream may contain situations of discomfort, psychological or physical terror, or panic. After a nightmare, […]

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Day 19 of gratitude month

Today i am so thankful for having internet. I am happy i was born in the internet age and i can connect with people from all over the world via the internet. Its so easy and super fast. I have made lots of new friends and have learnt about the stuff happening in other countries. […]

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Day 18 of gratitude month

Today I am grateful that i can afford to travel in private. In the country where i live there are a lot of people and less public transportation. I am so grateful that i do not hustle like everyone to get from place to place. Today was rainy and i had gone to buy gifts […]

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Day 17 of gratitude month

Today I am grateful for my health. I am healthy and strong and happy.When we started December this year i was still sick with the side effects of dropping antidepressants which still lingered even after 1 month. Now unless if i get stressed i do not feel any pain and I do not have brain […]

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Day 16 of gratitude month

Today I am grateful for being me. I still rise when i fall and i always smile even though life is tough. I am grateful that I am a person who has feelings and that my conscience still works. I forgive a lot and i have been kind to people who did not care about […]

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Day 15 of gratitude month

Well i discovered that the weather was affecting me a lot. Everytime it rains or its cloudy my mood gets down. It has been very hot and today it finally rained. I did not open my curtains all day and i just hid myself in my house all day. I work at home so I […]

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Day 14 of gratitude month

I’m supposed to b grateful for something but unfortunately im just extremely down and exhausted today. I have been trying to make myself be encouraged all day. It’s an exhausting process. I am just not happy. I hate being like this but it just happens. My head been in the clouds like i am carrying […]

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Day 13 of gratitude month

Today I am so grateful for having a brother who loves me. We do not live close to each other. We grew up mostly separated first, because our mum passed away early and then when we got back together only to separate again after our dad passed away. Then we reunited when I was 15 […]

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