5 Things to do in 2021

I have encountered so many advices this new year from church, family and friends. As with the beginning of every season I discovered that we all set goals and hope we can accomplish them by the end of the season. From my goals last year to this year I think I had the main goal of being happy. I remember promising God that I will try hard to be happy. I fought so hard to be happy, I tried so much to go to the doctor to help me out, I prayed, I did therapy and I took medicine all in the hopes of being happy. I was sad for the most part but I believed I would be happy so I never lost my hope and kept trying.

The struggle to being whole and happy remains in 2021. That is my main objective and I want to infect everyone around me with a happy virus by the time I’m done with this project. I hope just talking to me people will be happy and that i will write happy articles which I can not do at this moment. I pray that the joy that only God can give will consume and fill my life with joy such that no situation can make me sad again. I want to be like those people I always see that never seem to be moved because they seem so happy all the time. I want to be like them and be happy even when things are going right or wrong. That is the joy that I am working towards.

Now to the things that I hope to achieve or live by in 2021:

Pursue something.

I want to just do something new!!! So I am still contemplating what I want to do. In the past I was successful with pursuing something new but the last time I did something intentionally was in 2017 and that was to stan a boy group from a foreign country ha ha ha. I am thinking of learning a new language like maybe Russian or German? Or I could try crossfit but I am scared of pain so there is that. I could also try dancing maybe? I will figure it out soon I hope.

Walk with people wiser or stronger than me.

In 2021, I want to surround myself with people who will inspire me, who will make me feel that I can do better, who will challenge me to be a better version of myself. Of late I have encountered friends that make me doubt myself, I feel like a loser around them and I hate it so this year I have already started to work on this. I will only accept and or invite friends out with whom we are like minded and on the same level of thinking. I hate being put down and I hate to put down other people so yeah I guess the recruit is on for new friends 😂🤣😎😎

Project Makeover

I found this quote interesting – “Don’t put on ‘anything’ just because it covers your nakedness.” I started a board on my pinterest which I call project makeover and this is including clothes, shoes, hairstyle and just the overall look. I want to give a vibe, a certain something but like I said it is a work in progress and I hope this year I get to accomplish this project. I want to revamp my personality traits as well, also been thinking a lot about having scent that is just mine 😁😁 you will be surprised but I have met people who will smell fruity from head to toe and even at 15hr in the afternoon they still smell fruity and fresh in this hot oven where I live. I need some of that, so I will be researching more on that subject.

Check how you talk. Before you open your mouth, be mindful of who you are talking to, where you are talking, when you are talking and also know that your integrity is at stake.

In every situation, choose silence over speech unless you don’t have any option. I stumbled across this from a whatsapp group from church. This is profound. Sometime last year in August as I was watching BTS break the silence the series I remember them talking about speaking yourself. I remember taking notes because I resonated with what they were talking about. Jimin said that RM told him that speaking yourself means to speak stuff that you stand for, do you sometimes hear yourself speaking and will you be able to say I stand for that. Speak yourself is so much more than just speaking whatever you want. I have started to learn to listen to myself as I speak and say if someone was to replay what I just said will i take it back? So I hope this new season I will be able to speak myself and what I stand for. I will be slow to anger, slow to speak and speak what I mean.

In 2021 I seek to be more prayerful.

Someone told me that, “You can’t live your life thinking things occur merely logically. There’s a Supreme Being who makes things happen, pray to him. I hope I get this right. When I meditate I hope to read the word of God more and learn more from teachers and preachers of the word. I want to meditate a lot more than I do right now. I hope I can listen to God more than people. I lack in this area since silence deafens me. I hope to have more silent times where I can connect with my soul and God most of all.

Finally this is what I say to you guys, many known names have gone and life continues without them, don’t work your life out. You won’t take your work with you when you die. You are not as important as you think, calm down. Take time off work, go and do medical check-ups, visit your family, visit gardens or the beach and appreciate nature. Find time for yourself to reconnect with God and yourself. Learn something new and exciting. Do not entertain people that you do not enjoy their company. Surround yourself with good things and positive energy. Most of all, it is okay to take a break for yourself when you need it. It is okay to stop and watch the world go on whilst you are taking a break, we are not in a competition, take your time and live according to your own terms because f 2020 taught us anything it’s that LIFE GOES ON, with or without you. Since we can not change that fact why struggle.

Finally Brethren, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. – Phillipians 4 v 8

I hope we all have a 2021 that is life changing and amazing!!!


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