Need recommendations

You know how life is tough this year with the huge wave of the virus spreding and killing people, i need some distractions. I have fallen back onto some anxiety attacks and had a panic attack, i felt the effects over 3 days straight. I have not been on meds since November so it sucks but I use essential oils and meditation and it is really working for me. I would not advice anyone to do it though. It is my journey however, since i gained 45kgs on antidepressants so i am struggling to lose it now.

Enough about this sad story already 😁🙄🙄 I do not want to focus on whats wrong. I want huge distractions. Here’s where you come in with good suggestions of a good book that you read that was totally amazing. Or a movie or drama series that blew you away. I have to say though i like fantasy romance and cheesy stuff. I mean i do not want reminders of how life sucks i want to escape this life through Art and all. I even read fanfic if its a decent read.

At the moment I am rewatching Something in the rain on netflix, i have itaewon class on standby for like 3 weeks now cos i did not like some harsh truths in it but will get to it soon.

Thank you for all the suggestions thay you will give me. ❤❤❤🤗🤗🙏🙏

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