Last night I had a nightmare and yeah it wasn’t your average dream and i was so scared thinking what is happening. Everyone was not wearing a mask. I was trying to buy some food but I kept trying to avoid people because no one was wearing a mask. Then the shop did not have change and asked me to wait, i had a meltdown because i wanted to run home to find a mask.

I woke up scared because I mean who wouldn’t. I thought i was going to die😀😀😀 but then again this thing is very real but some uneducated people around me think its child’s play. They are the reasons behind my nightmares 😁😁

One question though, when are we ever going to trust that covid is truly gone? Will we just get injections and be like yep we can walk around without a mask now. Some of the leadership from this part of Africa where i live encouraged us to go on our business as covid is under control last year justbwear masks and sanitize they said.

People went out in numbers in december for Christmas and new year’s celebrations, I even made travel plans and then when I came back then, boooom!!!! I was sick. Am I ever going outside my house again???🤔😳😲 not anytime soon. Everytime i think about how sick I was and how i couldn’t breathe I just feel like well babes why don’t u sit down and do youtube exercises. They work too you know 😀😀😀

When and how will we ever trust to go and play again. With or without masks, i wear glasses its so easy to get infected with the number of times i touch my face 🙎‍♀️… I guess maybe next year or 5 years from now, i will never know, its a “you will know it when u see it” kind of situation I guess.

Anyways stay safe and be vigilant always.

Mask up and sanitize like they say….

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