Did I overreact?

So yesterday a friend of mine asked me how I was doing and stuff after commenting on a picture I posted on my profile and then I said that I was fine but tired I just wanted to sleep because work is too much these days. His response was like “you should be grateful at least you have a job.” My question to him was that should I not be tired just because I am grateful? Does gratitude takes away my tiredness just because of what?

I am grateful to have this job times are hard for everyone but that does not take away my tiredness and overworking myself to a coma will not stop my boss from replacing me as soon as I die because deadlines have to met and stuff. She probably has cvs in her email right now and if something happens to me she can even start interviews next week. I have to take care of myself grateful or not. I have to worry about how I am doing mentally isn’t it? I’m stuck between was this toxic behavior of its just in my head.

But then I thought well maybe I overreacted. But maybe he has a point and maybe I should shut up and suck it up. The fighter in me has made a comeback though and I am in take care of me first mode.

Whatever its just life I guess

Well stay safe and be vigilant, the times are hard for everyone, lets help each other whenever possible.

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