Last year in music

I love music a lot and one of the reasons i got through quarantine was that i had countless new music and i doscovered old songs for the first time as well. Soundcloud brought new hidden gems. Life could have been better but this was perfect.

My favourite band released a new album that I was supposed to review but never did 🤭🤭🤭. I discovered new music groups and people and just like that it never felt like quarantine anymore. I listen to mostly old school but eversince BTS i discovered that even new songs aren’t so bad after all. So even though i keep going back to the 2000s i have been listening to new artists like Billie Eilish and i have to say her voice is amazing. I also appreciate Lauv’s voice and music, so amazing.

Now to my top songs of 2020. This is no particular order… i listened to them more than any other song in my playlist this year. I believe i love these songs a lot.

Zero O’clock by BTS

This is a song that get me everytime. I just love this song and I am so happy they released it in 2020. I was going through my most depressing experience during the time it was released and i just kept holding on so I can be happy again. I did not look up the lyrics for almost 2 weeks and went with the feelings and I did not regret loving this song….

cr crystal_ssnow24

We are bulletproof part 3

I love this one a lot. I have been a big fan or part 1 and part 2. This one is a very different genre, different vibe, mood and super sweet. It made me cry once I actually listened to it. You know kinda like sit down and concentrate on a song. The question why are you still walking with us? made me wonder a lot about how I started being a fan adn why I am still a fan. BTS surely put a lot into their music and i just love listening to their sweat and sacrifices for it sounds like that. I am glad it is paying off for them as they are young and makong history.

The story I’ll tell by Maverick City Music/ TRIBL Music ft Naomi Raine

I will tell my story after walking the waves. After crossing oceans I will tell of how God was there the whole time. I was in a storm and God did not leave me alone to fend for myself. I believe He has been working overtime behind the scenes for me, I believe the storm will end and only then will I realise that MY God did not fail. For He never fails. I have been here before and I will conquer and remain victorious and favored. Eventhough a lot of times it does not look like it but He always comes through for me.

Oceans where feet may fail by Hillsong

This is an old song but God pressed this on my heart when o started my journey in December of 2019… this song became the anthem of 2020. It gave me energy and strength even on the darkest days. I kept praying saying that, God this is that Ocean, You said You would carry me through. Please do what you promised. I am here weak and down, i feel useless please mould me… God kept insisting on my heart that i should keep on going even if I do not see where I am stepping, I may weep from the sorrow but it shall be well soon. This song made trusting God an easy road to take. The journey itself has not been easy but I have continually felt His presence and for that I am thankful.

Pindirai by Garry Mapanzure

This songs talks about asking God to intervene. Infact that word pindirai is a shona word that means please intervene. Its a respectful word and it shows a certain level of desperation. If you are desperate enough you call for help. And when i heard this song, I cried. It is a gospel song and man been walking with God in 2020.I just wanted someone to lift up this depression burden, I hate being a sad girl, I hate to take pills to sleep, I hate to always being the sad girl in every gathering… please interfere God🥺🤒 He said in this song

We lift our hands and even if we put them down we just hold our heads (in anger, shame, despair, desperation) it has become worse please remove the burden now cause we look to You for a better tomorrow… who are the deserving? Where do they feed on the favor so we can go too? If we have sinned please forgive us oh God please intervene if You hear us, we pray to You are our prayers reaching You? if You indeed do miracles this is the time for You to interfere…

Outnumbered by Dermot Kennedy

First heard this song on soundcloud in August when i was in hiding. I was crying and feeling unloved. 😃😃😃 i swear this song got me a certain level. I ended up sending it to all my friends to listen to it cause it is that good. How many times did i feel outnumbered? I don’t know maybe a couple million times or more. I got this song when i had just discovered the soulmate concept after watching Dear my name from my previous article. I held on thinking my soulmate will be there somewhere missing me 🙄🙄🙄 and thinking of me so I can not be sad and lonely😁😁😁 I still believe that he is somewhere out there just waiting for me too,( so stupid) i just hope he comes soon though because i keep feeling outnumbered.

When the party is over by Billie Eilish

Well i fell in love with this song after watching the carpool karaoke with James Corden. He sold her to me. I never liked her cause i never understood her music and stuff. However this song struck a code inside of me. I said code like a programming code linked to my brain. I just started crying and for some reason I couldn’t stop and I had no idea why. I loved this song before watching the video or finding itz original meaning. I have given it my own interpretation that means so much to and my apologies to her if its not how she wanted me to appreciated it. This song is a gem and i listen to it everytime. It can calm my mind and I can focus when listening to it. YES a code!!!!

The link to my playlist is here

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