Review of my 30 before 30 goals

So once upon a time I made a goal of 30 before 30 and well all I can say mmm I do not think it went well. I really tried though and I hope to make a realistic 20 before 40 and hopeful since the list will be smaller maybe i will achieve something this time. Now I am about to review what I actually did better and for the full list please see here I only reviewed only the stuff that I actually succeeded in and that I felt like I did try my best and still failed. The rest well, I just need to try again next time.

Set a reading goal – I did set up a reading goal using goodreads and yes I have met a few of my weirdly high volumes for someone on a fulltime job but I have made this my serious hobby and in 2020 I read too much fanfiction which counts as reading but not on goodreads. But that is already after 30. So I had july 2017 until 2019 to achieve this and see below how I faired. I think I did well.

Go on a road trip – I did not do this unfortunately until recently in 2020. I actually did two road trips in the country of Mozambique, one to Bilene and the other to inhambane in december 2020.

Attend a multi-day/ weekend music festival – I attended Agzo music festival, Im glad i did this, I was so happy and the carnival I think it counts. I hate crowds ha ha ha.

Stop holding grudges – whilst I let go a lot I have failed to totally ignore people who offend me. I forgive a lot more than I would like but i always remember and put it in a bank for references in the future. I am a work in progress so I hope to work on this over and over again.

Travel somewhere new – Well in 2018 I visited Turkey by myself. It was scary and exciting. New language new people its a lot to take in but I loved Turkish people they were so friendly. Being black I am so self conscious in places that I have never been because I usually m not sure if they are racist or not, so the first day I spent walking around taking all my pictures by myself and just entertaining myself. The evening changed things I met friends from the UK and Canada and they broke my shell and from there onwards I made friends and started asking strangers to take a picture of me whenever I would be alone and needinga full photo. I made friends from Thailand and Mexico along the 8 days of my stay and that was just amazing.

Learn a new language – I actually did portuguese lessons and i have improved in speaking the language so much better than i was in 2017 obviously this review is 2 years late and I am way better than i was in 2019 but still I am glad i took lessons in 2018.

Join a club – for example running or book, etc – I have formed a running club out of my family and friends. I have sometimes been consistent and then not but yeah I still have ongoing challenges to this day.

Treat myself to something really expensive -My 30th birthday was the most expensive gift I ever gave myself. Just in time to celebrate my big 30 and well I have not regretted it since then. I had so much fun in Dubai and Abudhabi.

Participate in a marathon – 2018 and 2019 I participated in the 10km walk/run done every year for worker day on 1 May. I always have fun in these events and yeah once the pandemic is over i will do so much more of these hopefully. I have currently joined the Nike run that is hosted on nike plus run club and hopefully i will run the 10km this year just before my birthday.

Forgive – myself for mistakes and others too. This is still a work in progress but I can confirm there is one person I always thought I would never forgive and after this I did some meditation a lot and in 2018 I finally found peace to forgive them, I used to remember the pain every now and then but now, I just dont even feel the pain of it anymore.

Pay it forward Β – help someone i do not even know without being asked I do this a lot, its a habit now. It brings me joy to help as I receive help a lot too.

Stop FAD diets – embrace who I am and love my body the way it is. Why is this even here? im laughing and confused because I never seemed like I wanted to stop this. I always fall into this cycle of fad diets over and over again. Hopefully i will stop it for real before I turn 40 πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Be happy being single – wow 28 year old me was crazy. I can not imagine being happy being single. I am just happy as a person but I am not happy about my relationship status at all. The fact that I have been single since I was 28 bugs me a lot.

Own a dog actually I never owned anything before 30 until recently now that I have my cookie and she means the world to me. I will get a puppy soon tho, or maybe a bigger dog instead of a puppy because well yeah babies are too much work shame.

Get a tattoo or new piercing – I really have tried and have been failing to find the best person to do this for me and yeah Im sure this year i will get something.

Join a yoga class – I did join a Raja Yoga class and did some lessons. I went for a retreat on one weekend and then well my life actually has been better since I started meditation. This was the best decision ever.

Redecorate my apartment – well I have moved around a lot between 2017 and 2019 so I did not actually get to decorate it the way i want it but I am going to try to do this year. I hope i get my paintings on the wall and some diy stuff. Well its time to make all the time invested on pinterest useful.

Fail and try again – I guess its time to try again.😊😊😊

I thought this would be fun….

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